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Radiant without hydronic?

John R. Hall
John R. Hall Member Posts: 2,246
What do Wallies make of this product?



  • Solarstar
    Solarstar Member Posts: 82

    Myt 24 X 32 garage floor would not not Cool my house. Not a chance!!!!. Nice thought though. I like there Outside Of The Box Thinking.Maybe work in a few applications ! Paul
  • jp_2
    jp_2 Member Posts: 1,935
    funny quote

    """In areas of Canada where winters are severe, a heated garage precludes the need to plug in the car to keep the engine block warm, which generates energy savings, he added."""

    how could it be more efficient to heat the entire garage compared to just heating the engine block?
  • jp_2
    jp_2 Member Posts: 1,935

    maybe it would if you lived in Saskatchewan?
  • GMcD
    GMcD Member Posts: 477

    Especially when the system they are using (a glycol coil and pump, set in the supply air duct off a conventional furnace) will add resistance to the furnace fan, increasing it's power consumption, and don't forget the added energy for the circulator pump, and unless they have a high efficiency combustion section in the furnace, I question using a low efficiency heat source in lieu of the "prohibitively expensive" boiler?? I will grant them that some cooling could be recovered from the slab, but of course, if it sounds too good to be true, it might really be. How is the cost for the slab installation factored in? Is this for a new slab with insulated base and perimeter? Or is this a retro-fit? What's the quality of the garage envelope vs the house envelope?
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