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New boiler install pics

singh Member Posts: 866
Well done.

It's nice to see someone use a real air removal device on a Peerless. You know they have one built in. But since you used a Spirovent , pipe diameter distance is not as crucial then with air scoop. But why so tight, looks like you had room to work.

I second the circulator position, I also don't approve of the galvanized pipe for the gas line, should be black.

Good Job.

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  • Jeremy
    Jeremy Member Posts: 52
    New Boiler install pics

    Hey Wallies, Another boiler for the judges. Did take a few tips from others on this install. As always Thanks and any advise good/bad will be appreciated.
  • Ray Landry
    Ray Landry Member Posts: 203

    Jeremy nice work! I like the steel header you built for the feed and return you definetly have some really great attention to detail. The only things I think you could have done differently are to install a globe valve on your bypass loop to throttle rather than a ball valve, they wear down over time and are eastly adjusted on accident, you should think about at least taking the handle off. Also, what installing your purg tee on your feed, you should either install a street ell out of your heeled tee to make it so your drawoff faces downards so that the hose doesnt kink, or keep the reducing end of the tee horizontal instead of vertical. How come you went with a peerless and not a buderus to match the tank? Again outstanding work man
  • Nice work Jeremy..........

    real nice to see that! just 1 question though, if the zone valves need service will that be a problem tucked-up there like that?
  • in the last pix

    In the last pix, u got the post jumped out and blocking ur great installation... I thought only kids do that.... By the way, I was told it a no-no to have the elec box at bottom of circ pump...
  • Jeremy
    Jeremy Member Posts: 52

    Thanks Ray and Dave. Actually went with a peerless because our supplier didnt have any in stock at the time I needed the boiler, you know-rush job and gotta get it installed asap. Great point on the globe valves, never have given it any thought about erosion. Normally we do install the purge valve on the run side of the tee put in this situation it would have hit the flue pipe. And honestly I didn't have any service 90 or a close nipple and a 90. As for the zone valves, they are easily servicable ever for a guy my size. Thanks again guys.
  • Jeremy
    Jeremy Member Posts: 52
    electric box

    Never have heard of the electric box on the bottom of the circ a no-no. Any reason why? Just curious. Thanks
  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    tight work.

    only the" bang it's in .you got heat" philosophys gotta go :)

    a anti scald valve might be a handy item next go around.

    backflow preventors are a necessary evil also unless the system is valved off from the potable and that is allowed in your berg....

    you want the water to run down not the electricity :)

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy Member Posts: 52
    Banged in

    I dont think this one was banged in. The cwf valve was turned off after the pics were taken. We dont have any boiler inspections here but why the antiscold valves recommendation, if the tank has its own limit switch (Possible limit switch failure I guess?) Thanks Weezbo
  • nice

    very tight, though arent you supposed to have 10 pipe diameters of straight pipe after a pump before any tees? also, I like using differential pressure activated valves in bypasses, that way flow is only diverted when valves are actually closing not all the time. i'm sure it will work great though.
  • Ted_9
    Ted_9 Member Posts: 1,718

    Everything looks neat. I just have an issue with the supply circ and the way its mounted.

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  • Wayco Wayne_2
    Wayco Wayne_2 Member Posts: 2,479
    Very nice

    I agree with some of the little comments and suggestions. I think the wire connection box of the circulator being on top has to do with the "wire over water" mantra that makes a lot of sense. Down the road if someone is working on the circ and water gets out, you don't want to get water where Mr electricity lives. Z:P I try to make sure all of my controls are at the top when designing my hydronic boards. Keep up the good work. You obviously care about raising the bar. WW

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  • Jeremy
    Jeremy Member Posts: 52

    Thanks for the info guys. Doing another boiler this week and will post pics when we are finished. Thanks again.
  • Jeremy
    Jeremy Member Posts: 52
    Circ Issue

    Mr. Ted what is the circ issue you have? Just curious?
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