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filter for water into indirect

Dana_5 Member Posts: 13
excellent choice


  • Tim Gardner
    Tim Gardner Member Posts: 183
    I cleaned out the thermostatic mixing valve

    and found a lot of sediment/build up after several years. Is there a filter or something I can put on the water supply to prevent this? Any specific brand recommendations? I'd like something simple that would last.
  • Tim Gardner
    Tim Gardner Member Posts: 183
    I want my new indirect to last

    so is it a good idea to put some kind of filter on the water supply to prevent buildup in the tanks and mixing valve? I noticed a lot of sediment/buildup on the mixing valve that I moved from my old boiler after only 2-3 years. Any recommendations?
  • Dana_5
    Dana_5 Member Posts: 13

    Wouldn't hurt. We have done it for certain customers who are on wells so the charateristics of their water change based on time of year, rainfall, etc. Might be better to install on the cold water main into the home and protect the entire system, although you would be replacing filter cartidges at a greater rate. Have no experience whether it would effect the tanks lifespan though.
  • Tim Gardner
    Tim Gardner Member Posts: 183

    Thanks for responding. What type/brand of filter would you recommend?
  • kevin coppinger_4
    kevin coppinger_4 Member Posts: 2,124

    the Honey well screen filter that will trap sediment then all you have to do is blow it down when it gets full...no filters to replace...kpc

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  • Tim Gardner
    Tim Gardner Member Posts: 183

    Are you talking about one of these:

    Honeywell FF06 Water Filter

    Honeywell F76S

    Honeywell F74C

    or something else? Thanks for your help.
  • Christian Egli_2
    Christian Egli_2 Member Posts: 812
    Hot water and sandy beaches

    The sediment filter on the inlet will filter out the gravel and such coming down the line, maybe worth it where you are, but there is another source of sediment from which dirt appears just like magic...

    Ta daa

    Water, particularly water that tastes delicious to drink, is loaded with dissolved rocks. It would all be fine if we did nothing to the water itself, but when we heat it up, we change the ratio in which rocks are soluble in water. In a way that is highly bizarre, tap water can only hold less and less dissolved lime and such, the more you heat it.

    Precisely what happens in any hot water tank. Fresh water enters every hour, it gets heated and, bam, the lime falls out of solution. The sediment pile up on the bottom while we draw hot water from the top. You can't avoid this.

    It's the reason conventional hot water tanks have efficiencies that drop like a rock as the layer of sediment builds up and the reason why indirect tanks are wonderful.

    Possible solutions

    Install a water softener to remove dissolved lime before the boiling action.

    Set a de-scaling program to clean out your tank regularly.

    Have a full bore tap fitted on the bottom of the tank for you to draw water regularly and so, prevent the build up. Pipe for instance a laundry basin off this outlet so that you'll never forget the periodic drain - plus you'll be amazed to see all the sand like sediment tumbling out.

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