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Radiator noise

I am entering my first heating season in a new house. I replaced the boiler a few weeks ago. One radiator makes constant noise as it is filling with steam (of course, it is the one in the master bedroom). It's not a solid bang (we have those too), and it's not a light tick (got plenty of those), it's somewhere in between (it is loud enough to not sleep through). Sounds like a little drummer is trapped in the pipe. It seems to be coming from the entry valve as opposed to the radiator itself. The valve is completely open. I also replaced all of the air vents on every radiator in the house. Any ideas? Thanks.


  • Are you sure.......

    the valve is completely open?
  • Jon Cordani
    Jon Cordani Member Posts: 4

    I'm pretty sure. It turns quite easily so I haven't taken a wrench to it, I guess there's always a chance it's sticking partially open. Unfortunately, I won't be home until the evening.
  • Jon...........

    Is it a "big long rad?", perhaps your venting rate is too fast. What steam pressure are you running it at?
  • Thad
    Thad Member Posts: 3

    Sometimes you get a little h20 collecting in the valve if the rad is not pitched correctly. Is this one pipe or two pipe steam? A little shim under one end of the rad will work wonders....
  • Jon Cordani
    Jon Cordani Member Posts: 4

    It's probably about 2.5 feet long, not sure the exact pressure (not at home right now to check). I tried different size vents and it didn't change anything.
  • Jon Cordani
    Jon Cordani Member Posts: 4

    One pipe

    It is pitched slightly, maybe it needs a little more.
  • All I can say...........

    if you`ve changed venting rates, and the rad is pitched, then there is a little water somewhere that can`t get-out of the way of the incoming steam, could be in the horizontal run-out under the floor maybe? It doesn`t take much of an incline the wrong way to cause this.
  • Steamhead (in transit)
    Steamhead (in transit) Member Posts: 6,688
    It could also be

    that the disc in the valve that holds the washer, has broken off the stem and is partially blocking the flow. You'd need to disconnect the rad to see this.

    If you're getting banging elsewhere in the system, why not just call a pro and have him fix everything? Try the Find a Professional page of this site.

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  • ttekushan_3
    ttekushan_3 Member Posts: 958
    New boiler installs

    new boiler installs can contaminate the system. If the water line in the sight glass is bouncing violently, or the near boiler piping is not to spec, the entrained water will travel with the steam causing efficiency losses, system imbalances and lots of strange noises.

    Clean and skim the boiler again.

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