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Direct, Power or Chimney vent? Help!

I'm confused. Looking at the Buderus oil furnace and am looking at venting options. Our chimney is shared with the wood stove and can not be double flued. I've heard that direct venting is dirty and stainss the side of the house. Are there other options such as power vents, etc? Construction is underway and decisions need to be made ASAP.



  • Big Ed
    Big Ed Member Posts: 1,117
    Direct Vent

    I would install a proper size Buderus with the outdoor reset and dump the stove....

    Not going to are you ?

    Then Install a second chimney

    Not going to do that either ? A chimney may be cheaper then a direct or power venter you know.

    Still not going second chimney

    Then go direct vent with a Riello over a power venter and keep it tuned.
  • Mike D_5
    Mike D_5 Member Posts: 3

    Unfortunately my fmaily loves the fireplace / stove and we don't have the availability to do a new chimney. I did see that power vents can be run up through the roof... is that an option or are they noisy?
  • Big Ed
    Big Ed Member Posts: 1,117

    They get very noisey when the fan burns up or just falls apart.. Worn motor bearings make noise too.

    Power venters are needed for lesser efficant equitment...
  • Mike D_5
    Mike D_5 Member Posts: 3
    anything better than Buderus for oil?

  • The Kid_2
    The Kid_2 Member Posts: 19
    Direct vented

    I just installed a G115/5, Beckett NX with a direct vent kit. If it is installed and maintaned properly you should no problems.
    MHO natural draft would be my first option, with the direct vent you may get a slight combustion smell in the building during your summer months ( if you have near by open windows ) regardless of how finely tuned your unit is.

    I think either the reillo or NX would be fine I service three with reillo and one with a NX both have great combustion. THE KID
  • Ted_9
    Ted_9 Member Posts: 1,718

    If your think up through the roof, then just go with an Allfuel chimney for the buderus boiler. No powered vent.

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  • Big Ed_3
    Big Ed_3 Member Posts: 170
    My Partner

    Pulled his BF Riello and installed the NX Beckett on his Buderus G115/21 direct vent with the Areo termination kit and he perfers it over the Riello.
  • jim_94
    jim_94 Member Posts: 37
    Allfuel Chimney

    I would also go with an Allfuel chimney. You don't have to worry about parts breaking down on it. I personally think Viessmann is better than Buderus, especially the Vitola, but they are more money. Buderus is my second choice and a great boiler. You'll be happy with either of them.
  • Big Ed_3
    Big Ed_3 Member Posts: 170

    Viessmann is right there with Buderus. Many on the Wall would say they prefer Viessmann over Buderus. I can't say from my experience , not too many around here and I have not had the pleasure of installing one . Hopefully soon . Seems like Viessmann is installed more on the West Coast . I feel it looks more modern over the Buderus . Burnham MPO boiler also looks good , same there with my lack of experience with them... All are three pass boilers with push nipple construction.

    The Service From Buderus is Great / Thanks to Charlie and Joe up at Big Blue. Burnham gives great service also..

    I prefer the optional OEM controls offered on the Buderus and Viessmann. Viessmann control looks hotter over Buderus..

    I'm sure all are just as efficient, for you could not get better numbers with oil unless you go to a condensing type boiler. You can up the efficiency and comfort on the Buderus with the L2107 logimatic control with outdoor reset.
  • J.C.A._3
    J.C.A._3 Member Posts: 2,981
    Big Ed....

    Hit on ONE of the key differences between burner selections if you go all fuel, D.V or P.V.

    A Riello burner will work well with some chimneys, but rumble with others. A Beckett burner will sound different than the Riello, but a Carlin/CCT burner will be quieter...sometimes!The TECH/installer has to know how and why.The same holds true for D.V. or P.V.(which rattles more...the burner firing or the P.V. motor and ducting? Yet another question).

    The difference comes down to the installer, and his knowledge of the different situations.

    I have spec'ed all of these burners with many different boilers and venting configurations. As long as the manufacturer will supply a burner with a boiler, and the factory has approved it, I go with my gut feeling. If the customer prefers one over the other, I will voice my personal preference, and explain MY reasoning.Usually, there are no objections. When there are... Some I win, some I lose. The ones that burn me up are the ones I lose initially....then fix to what I originally said would be the best choice.

    They'll all WORK, but the tech should have the last say. If he knows the equipment and the circumstances, he'll be able to pick the best combination.Of course, this is Just My Humble Opinion. I've been doing this long enough to know...but like Ron White says...Ya can't fix stupid.(I'll do what I'm told ...sometimes it really isn't the right answer...but I'll do it anyway) NOT!Especially if I have to go back again for free! Chris
  • Ragu_5
    Ragu_5 Member Posts: 315
    Mike D.

    Masonry chimneys are #1. Metalbestos #2. After that, things get trickier. Direct vents in SOME applications work o.k., in others they have failed miserably (sooting up the exterior of the house and the interior of the boiler room). The vent has to go on the leeward side of the house; you have to pay attention to the prevailing wind direction.

    Here in Maine, Buderus with Riello in a direct vent application has worked; Buderus with Carlins have been replaced; haven't done a Buderus with NX.

    ALL of the first generation of power venters around here have been replaced. In a windy application they may be your only choice, but I avoid them if at all possible. Any type of chimney is better than any type of direct vent or power venter; chimneys don't fail much.

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  • RoosterBoy
    RoosterBoy Member Posts: 459

    i have power vented for years with a forced hot air furnace and i have power vented 2 years now with my new buderus g115 boiler with no problems at all and no staining of my house because the riello burner is setup to burn clean if i was you id get the fields control swg stainless steel power venter. i love power venting all i do is oil the motor 2 times a year.

    even if i was to build a new house id use a power venter over a chimney. and just put a chimney in for a wood stove witch is what my setup is right now 2 wood stoves and a power vented buderus :-)i love it.

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