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Bad Bio?

Rick W.
Rick W. Member Posts: 30
Thanks for that link, Dan, excellent info.. Thanks for the heads up on burner, Bruce. Perhaps the B20 is dissolving sludge already or maybe the delivery into my nearly empty(8" on stick) 1000gal. tank stirred that mess up a bit, but; a new filter and nozzle have solved the shutdown problem for now. Will see how long filter lasts (Gen. 1A-25A). Maybe time for larger filter? Do hope to replace system when funds allow.


  • Rick W.
    Rick W. Member Posts: 30
    Bad Bio?

    Got 200 gal. of bio (B20) yesterday - was eager to try it! No heat or hw this morning - burner shut down in the wee hours. Old Peerless pin style boiler with Carlin 99FRD burner (.75 gph nozzle). Have reset - fires nice (no smoke) briefly then shuts down. Have read that B20 can dissolve sludge. Seems a bit more than a coincidence. Oh well, will start with fuel system and then primary. Can CAD cells be affected using bio? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Was hoping for a successful shakedown cruise
    with this fuel before installing new system. Thanks!
  • DanHolohan
    DanHolohan Member, Moderator, Administrator Posts: 16,491
    It will

    clean out the tank. Here's a great booklet for you.
    Retired and loving it.
  • Ron Schroeder
    Ron Schroeder Member Posts: 998
    In Addition to Dan fine booklet

    do check how well the cad cell is seeing the flame as when you change flame charateristics the cad cell may not see the flame the same, and make sure you reset up the burner to the new fuel with electronic tester.
  • Al Gregory
    Al Gregory Member Posts: 260

    You need to get yourself a firebox kit for that boiler. Especially the insulation for the burner mounting plate. A real target wall will greatly improve the way the burner runs. I put in hundreds of those boilers using the Carlin 99 FRD burner. I used to buy them knock down just so I could use the Carlin instead of the Becket they came with Packaged.
  • Rick W.
    Rick W. Member Posts: 30

    I appreciate your response Al. Yeah, I do need to get on that firebox! Carlin burner does seem to keep on humming. Do you know whether or not that long airtube was standard on that model? Seems out of place - maybe for the 3 section boiler? I wish the tankless connection was in better shape - then might consider keeping her and upgrade to indirect and new controls but I'm thinking that thing could blow any time! Doubtful getting it off in one piece.
  • Leo
    Leo Member Posts: 770

    Why are there bricks in the firebox? That tankless could be removed but it may involve drillng and tapping. That boiler is a Peerless JOT, one of the worst things Peerless ever made. Their present boilers are MUCH BETTER!! Save your money and upgrade the boiler. These things would get dirty in places you couldn't get to, the Carlin at least helps overcome some of the problems.

  • Rick W.
    Rick W. Member Posts: 30

    Bricks in firebox are attempt to temper heat at back wall (until reline material at hand). Of course, this may be quite futile - just thinking safer than sorry. Thankyou, Leo, for your opinion on the boiler. You're right, they can get dirty - plugged up in the Spring, 2am or so, that was not fun! Upon changing out boiler, any thoughts on keeping the Carlin? Anyway, hoping to stay loyal to oil - was considering propane (mod/con) but with a local B20 supplier, we'll see. Great forum, thanks!
  • Kniggit
    Kniggit Member Posts: 123

    You looked into the Monitor FCX? It might be right up your alley.

  • Rick W.
    Rick W. Member Posts: 30
    Monitor FCX

    References on this site, not unlike yours, K, have led me to consider this boiler. I suppose the lower sulpher content of the B20 fuel may help extend the service life of the secondary exchanger as well. I've not actually seen one in service, though, but it seems real nice - even some parts from my old home, LI! Possibility for sure, though it does seem a bit expensive. I've got some time; firstly, my envelope needs some definite attention - WPA structure from 1937 - it creaks in the wind!
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