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Tekmar 260 problem

Ross_7 Member Posts: 577
I believe that the indoor feedback will either upshift or downshift the reset curve according to indoor gains, such as solar or lots of people. Maybe it's just too warm in the conditioned space.Talk to Tekmar and see what they say.


  • Tekmar 260 operating quirk??

    My Tekmar 260 won't allow my heat circulator to operate after a DHW call; until AFTER the boiler cools down. I noticed this while testing the system... Tekmar is set for Baseboard (6); the WWSD features are turned off. Outside temp was around 68, inside around 69 when I was playing around. I'm seeing the boiler demand on the display, but the circulator is not running. Disconnecting the indoor sensor (which is installed in the living area) solves the problem. Is the Tekmar designed to waiting for the boiler temp to cool off before allowing the circulator to run if the indoor and outdoor temps are fairly warm? DHW is set for priority and DHW pump. This could be a pain when trying to take the chill out on cool fall days!
  • Leo G_99
    Leo G_99 Member Posts: 223

    yes, the 260 is doing what it is supposed to do. Unless you set the min. supply temp up to around 180*F. If your room temp for the control is set for 72, the sensors are informing the control that the room is almost there, so very little heat is needed (maybe 72* from the boiler) to get the room to temp. Possibly, youy have the min boiler temp setting at higher then what the control wants to put out to the system.

    Also, the control will hold off allowing the system circ to run, until the boiler water temp gets into its' target range.

    Leo G
  • Tekmar

    Thanks for the info; I thought it was working correctly but figured I'd check to be sure.

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