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Reasonable Health Insurance?

Is offering major med insurance for contractors now, thru some larger carriers such as Cigna. I have to admit that i am spoiled by cheep premimums since I work for the "other man" now, but can understand yours and other's plight. Do you belong to the NFIB? As I remember they had a decent plan. This will be a major concern of mine if I ever decide to go back into contracting full time in the future.


  • Darrell
    Darrell Member Posts: 303
    Reasonable Health Insurance?

    Been working for a union shop for nine years as a serviceman...and got used to the insurance. It figured to cost right at $935 a month which came out of the butt rental fee that they charged for my services. Fair enough. Now I'm self-employed...just me and a simple home town service business. The Union allows me to continue with my insurance at $935 a month and about the same for pensions if I want...plus dues. I'm wondering if there is anything available for a guy like me, even at a higher deductible, that is affordable and practical. I'd bet that the whole system is about to collapse and go back to fee for service rather than the insurance driven cost basis that we enjoy now...but, in the meantime I need to do something.
  • Steve L.
    Steve L. Member Posts: 35

    I have just recently started my own buissines as well. I went with a company called "Golden Rule". It is a high deductable HSA account. It cost me about $97 a month (no wife, no kids just me). But it has a $2700 deductable. But you set up what is called a HSA account and the money goes in pre tax. Just like an IRA. It rolls over each year. You can also invest the money in the HSA account just like any IRA (mutual funds, money market etc...)
    This type of pollicy is fairly new. I haven't made any claims on my policy yet so I have no idea about how they are to deal with. But I know that for me it makes a lot of sense financally.
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