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Pex fittings Under a slab...

Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
under the gravel in a bed of sand?

my thought is that it certainly wont be anchored as in the case it was installed in cement in a PVC wrapped insulated jacket..and i really do not see a problem with that either . the fittings are mechanical in nature buh if they are holding 100+ pounds of pressure what is the concerne. ?


  • Timco
    Timco Member Posts: 3,026

    I'd feel better if the crimps were stainless and not copper...


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    Just a guy running some pipes.
  • Leo G_99
    Leo G_99 Member Posts: 223
    the suppliers

    around here have a "kit" that they honour for their warranty. it is basically a srink tubing that fits about 6 inches past either end of the fitting, then is heated with a hair dryer to shrink the tube tight. in your case, a tee, it might take some creative thought of how to layer the shrink tubing!

    Leo G
  • Ed_26
    Ed_26 Member Posts: 284
    underslab fittings

    Not the best scenario - way better to bring the pipe above the slab for a connection.... that said, wirsbo(uponor) & rehau have fittings rated for inslab use. I would find a way to not put a crimp fitting in/under a slab.
  • Steve L.
    Steve L. Member Posts: 35

    I just went through the Viega "certification" and the rep said you could burry their fittings under cement. They use stainless steel crimps. He claimed that once the fittings are crimped they'll never leak. I guess only time will tell on that one. I am always leary of claims of something never failing (remember the titanic ?).
  • Kniggit
    Kniggit Member Posts: 123
    No I'm not that old.

    But I too am leary of inaccessable fittings and joints in something that permanant. I would always install the joints above the slab in new construction, if there was a break in a slab, fix it with the kit, but don't do it if ya don't have to.

  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    i am \"With\" everyone here on the topic...

    however i could onlly get a limited number of fittings and tied my 1" sub station run outs with some 1 1/4" X1" t's under the slab. as they are rehau fittings wrapped and under the vapor barrier under the sand under the interior wall displacement footing i figured that it would be alright. i also caught some grief over the 1 1/4" was my understanding that these fittings are mechanically sound and i have seen them not leak above a slab for decades Rehau also makes medi pex and specialty hydraulic pipe and fittings for said i would hazard a guess that they indeed preform as advertised *~/:)
    buh it is a question i had and wanted some feed back from other areas of the world :)
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