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Looking for Viessman 42 Gal water tank - or equivalent

If you don't need the ability of simultaneous fairly high volume DHW draws, the 6-24C can instantly transfer nearly all (if not all) of it's output to DHW.


  • Perry_2
    Perry_2 Member Posts: 381
    Looking for Viessmann 42 Gal water tank - or equivalent

    I know that Viessmann discontinued their 42 gallon water tank for 2006. On the other hand I am told that a Crown Mega Store will not work directly with a Vitoden 200 6-24 (or 8-32) because the 6-24/8-32 pump cannot handle the resistance of the 3/4" coil in the Megastore tank. I have been told that another relay and circulator pump would have to be installed.

    Does anyone know of a unsold 42 gallon Viessmann tank out there somewhere (at a distributor, etc).

    Or do you know of another brand that uses 1" coils in their tanks?

    I figure I goto ask.


    ps for Viessmann. Why not restart production of the 42 gallon tank. Not all of us need a 53 gallon or larger tank.
  • I gotta ask...

    do you really need ANY storage at all???

    If not, then why not just use a really efficient heat exchanger and transfer 99% of the boilers output directly to DHW. Works exactly like a tank less heater.

    Look into Triangle tube.

    My understanding of using the Vito anything with someone elses tank is that the control is expecting the thermal transfer dynamics of the Vito tank. If you use one with an equal or greater capacity thermal transfer capacity, the Dens work work just fine.

    Bob "Vito" Marshal said so ;-)


  • In all lines? Horizontal and vertical? Stainless and "glass lined"?

    42-gallon is still listed at their US website in most of those lines.
  • Joe Brix
    Joe Brix Member Posts: 626
    AQ fe makers

    =Like Peerless and Slant/Finn have 1" coils I believe.
    Youi could always go with inverse indirects like ErgoMax, TurboMax or Laars DuraFlow. All have 1.5" tappings. Givs you some buffering also. But for the money, I love TT's Phase III line.
  • Perry_2
    Perry_2 Member Posts: 381
    Thanks All..

    I guess I was so focused on the Verticle SS tank that I missed the others.

    If I was only putting in a system for myself (and only myself) I would have gone with the 6-24C with the small built in hot water heater.

    However, I thought I was going to get married last year - and then this year - which would indicate a need to be using both showers at times. There was also the possiblilty of my mooving to another job (for the same company) in which case having a hot water storage tank makes sense for salability as this house is a good one for a small family.

    I will be looking first at the horizontal SS tank, I might consider going with a steel tank.


  • ALH_4
    ALH_4 Member Posts: 1,790

    You can use a 6-24 with a Crown tank with no problems. The 8-32 is the only model with issues because of its size. You can use a 6-24 with a MegaStor 40g tank with no problems at all. I have seen many work with no issues at all. The horizontal Crown tanks are a little different story, but the vertical tanks are no problem at all for the 6-24. Even with the 8-32 there is a techical bulletin and a fix for this problem.

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