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Run circulator by itself?

RoosterBoy Member Posts: 459
when commissioning a new boiler just take the cover off the pumps electrical "Box" with the power off!,cut the white and black wires or yellow and white that lead to a gizmo (known as a capacitor) ,strip them,plug those two wires into the extension cord done deal. now you can add water as the pump runs and listen for "air". once all the sound of running water gurgeling along in the pipe goes Bye bye ....re connect the wires to the capacitor plug the boiler back in and run it up to temp of about 100.. shut the boiler off again at about 100 degrees or so and check it out again...:) that will mix some of the water evenly and bring it up to temps gradually..something that i tend to think is a good practice you can certainly tell if the pump is circulating when it is the only thing rolling.


  • Mark115
    Mark115 Member Posts: 6
    How to run the circulator by itself

    Please tell me how to run the circulator without firing the boiler.

    I have a TACO ZVC 406 6-zone-valve controller and only one circulator, TACO 008. Boiler is a Buderus G124x-xx w/ Honeywell L8148 Aquastat w/flu damper.
  • J.C.A._3
    J.C.A._3 Member Posts: 2,981
    The big question.....

    WHY ?
  • Chuckles_3
    Chuckles_3 Member Posts: 110

    Just disconnect the pump's current wiring and connect it directly to 110vac. This may cause other problmes, but the pump will certainly run.

  • Mark115
    Mark115 Member Posts: 6

    I just added a 6ft section of bb. I want to check for leaks and push-out any air that wasn't release at the bleeder valves. I see no reason to fire the boiler at this point, but if that's the only way, "OK, fine."

    As for some of the other answers I received: I have no plan to disconnect the existing wiring, and I certainly will not "cut" any wires. I'm not looking to make more work.

  • RoosterBoy
    RoosterBoy Member Posts: 459
    well then ...do you own a screwdriver?

    the cover comes off disconnect the wire to the circ place it under the line side disconnect the side to the burner.

  • Bruce Marshall
    Bruce Marshall Member Posts: 37
    or to put it more simply

    Jumper C1 to L1 in the boiler control and throw the switch.
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