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What Boiler should I use?

Steve L.
Steve L. Member Posts: 35
The only thing that worries me about the ultra boiler is Murphy's law. There are so many things that can go wrong. I know it's very efficient. But what do you do if you have a problem in the middle of the night and you can't get the part you need. In the area where I do most of my work people just want it to always work. They don't care about saving 12-20% on there heating bills (Must be nice to have all the money!)
Plus I was on a job last year (I was doing the plumbing only not the heating) they put in an ultra boiler and vented it right near the front door and when the boiler ran it "steamed up" the whole front entery way of this multi million dollar house. Needles to say the customer was not happy. Not sure how it turned out.


  • Rick_48
    Rick_48 Member Posts: 2
    What Boiler should I use?

    Hey Guys,
    I am remodeling my house and put an addition on. It is about 1750 square feet. I have R19 insulation on all outside walls. I am installing Radiant heat through out the house as a primary heat source. I have calculated my heat loss at roughly 60,000 BTUH. I am also going to hook up an indirect water heater for the house. I am going with a gas boiler, but I will have to use propane untill the gas company decides to come down my road. I am looking at the Weil Mclain Ultra series. I know I shouldn't undersize the boiler, but I don't want to oversize it either. With having a heat loss arround 60K and DHW should I push using the ultra 80 or step up to the 105. And if anyone has any other better boiler choices let me know.

  • Rick_48
    Rick_48 Member Posts: 2

    Oh ya I live in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Thanks Guys,
  • Todd_12
    Todd_12 Member Posts: 55
    which boiler

    If your heat loss is 60K, use the Ultra 80. The fan speed, which sets the max output, can be set to match your heat loss while staying at full output for DHW. This boiler COMES with a 5 year parts and labor warranty also! Throw in an Ultra Plus tank(indirect hwh) and you'll have a first class system - without compromise.
  • Jeff Lawrence_25
    Jeff Lawrence_25 Member Posts: 746
    The Ultra is a good boiler

    The concern is who's going to install it. Mod-con boilers are truely the cats meow but not every installer out there has the training to install one.

    I suggest you find an installer that has experience (or at least the training) to install a mod-con boiler. That packet of papers that comes with them isn't a knee pad any more.
  • John_82
    John_82 Member Posts: 63

    If the heatloss is only 60K, find out how much output you need for your indirect & size the boiler for the DHW load. The Buderus BG142 comes w/ the propane orafice in the box & is real easy to install. Heck, the wiring is color coded... & it comes with the boiler loop pump on a pre fab manifold. I think it's the best bang for the buck in the condensing boiler areana, and you don't need to be a genius to install it!!
  • Jim Farrell
    Jim Farrell Member Posts: 46


    I am the Weil-Mclain Rep in Northeast PA...I would say do your research first then make an informed choice...

    If you would like to discuss e-mail me @ [email protected] and I will give you my phone number to call me and we can discuss...I would stear you towards the ULTRA GAS Boiler...It is the Best Boiler on the Market today for a lot of reasons...Sure I work for the company but if you do your due digilance I believe you will agree the ULTRA GAS BOiler is the best for the $, efficency, ease of installation..etc...

    Jim Farrell
  • Jim Farrell
    Jim Farrell Member Posts: 46
    ULTRA Venting...


    The venting issue you state sounds like a installer mistake not a problem with the boiler...Also any boiler you install can break down in the middle of the night and you might not have the parts on the truck to fix it...The Ultra boiler only uses a control module which is protected b fuses and we include 3 extra fuses so you don't have to search for fuses in the middle of the night...Also on the ULTRA 80 Boiler we use a regular Taco 007 pump as the primary pump which most contractors keep on their truck...ULTRA BOILERS does not have a pressure switch therefore eliminating the headaches of trouble calls when the pressure switch is not made...we use sensors on the supply and return which are both interchangable with each other....So I think this is a friendly service style boiler....Please e-mail me you responce or questions....
  • Steve L.
    Steve L. Member Posts: 35

    You are correct. The installer on that job did not pipe the boiler correctly. I wish I was still on that job so I could have seen how they fixed the problem.
    I feel reallly bad for the homeowner on that job. She was a very nice lady and the company that did the boiler/piping made a ton of mistakes.
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