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Oil Tank Heater & Test

That`s interesting to hear, I`m curious to know what they would tell the thousands of people here that already changed their tank on their sayso!! See how the "rules" change with them?, and this is daily!


  • Tony_25
    Tony_25 Member Posts: 26
    Oil Tank Heater & Test.

    Both myself and my neighbor have above ground 275 oil tanks. My neighbor told me that his Oil Company did his annual tune up and suggested an oil tank heater to prevent frozen oil problems in the winter. They also did an ultrasonic test on the oil tank to see if the tank bottom wasn't wearing thin. Has anyone heard of either?
  • Al Letellier_9
    Al Letellier_9 Member Posts: 929
    oil tank test

    Haven't heard of a reliable tank heater, but yes on the ultasound testing. It is available and used by a lot of oil companies as a yardstick for measuring corrosion in the tank. I am also a home inspector and I have this device to test tanks. It appears to be a great program and tank insurance is available with the program. I think it is well worth the money.

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  • John@Reliable_10
    John@Reliable_10 Member Posts: 99
    Al, this one works

    nationalmagnetic.com makes one that is 12 volt 7 watts. I have used them in the past and they work. One customer during a very cold winter had 12 calls for gelled tank, outside covered tank with heat tape and light but area never got any sun. Put one of these in on call # 13 about three years ago and never been back for a gelled tank again. John@Reliable
  • Al Letellier_9
    Al Letellier_9 Member Posts: 929
    oil tank heaters

    Thanks for the info John. Don't do much service these days nor do I have any outdoor tanks in my customer base, but this is good info to have.

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  • Oil Tanks

    You fellows sure seem more "lucky" than Canadians with oil tanks. Up here we have to answer to the TSSA. Inside or outside the tank "MUST BE CHANGED" every 20 years, whether it needs it or not!! If you don`t, they notify; 1) The oil company to stop your delivery,; 2) Your house insurance company, who tells you "it must be changed or your policy will be terminated", no exceptions!! "Ultrasonic Testing"?, I`ve never heard of that here, and I don`t think any local oil companys have either. I would also wonder if the TSSA guys would consider that test "reliable", if it was.
  • Mitch_4
    Mitch_4 Member Posts: 955
    I doubt the

    TSSA gestapo would accept anything like that..hey are "non profit" but I think there is something for making you change tanks..donations from manufacturers likely...
  • Mitch

    I tend to believe you, and "gestapo" is a very accurate description! Many real good oil-men here have "thrown-in-the-towel" because of their "inconsistant rules".
    "Not-For-Profit"? that`s debateable, but they are the authority here.
  • Tony_25
    Tony_25 Member Posts: 26
    What is the TSSA ?

    What is the the TSSA and what do they have to do with home owners oil tanks? In Canada if a home owner has to change their oil tank every 20 year wouldn't it be smarter to change to gas heat. The cost of a new oil tank has to be about $1500.00
  • Tony

    The TSSA is "Technical Standards and Safety Association", and on our side of the border. They are the governing authority for anything to do with oil, and other things too. It used to be a "branch" of our government that used to do it, but they "privatized-it", so now its them! They enforce oil installations, refrigeration, elevators, trade apprentices, and many other things. They have the "power and leverage" to impose any rule on tradesman and homeowners they see fit!! You would NOT BELIEVE the "hasseles" they have put many a good tradesman through.
    PS- Yes, new oil tank intallations do run about that figure up here now!
  • Tony_25
    Tony_25 Member Posts: 26

    Hello Dave, I went on the the Technical Standards and Safety Authority web site. They say there is no set time limit on an oil tank as long as its not leaking. But they seem like a real pain.
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