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using boiler for hot tub or sauna

I'm building a shop(24x50) with slab heat and I was wondering if I could use the boiler to also heat a hot tub or also a sauna-Electricity cost 55 cent kwh(bush alaska) and with the super insulated tubs and saunas it seem like the tub would be easy but the sauna is a dif story-I was thinking I could make a large radiater surface with several bassboard fin tubes or I could cast tubing in a sheet of concrete(for mass)I can dye the concrete for astetics and put it upright on a wall with a reflective shield behind it-once the sauna is up to temp It seems that to maintain the temp would be fairly cheap since the slab will be low temp(85)the tub(104)seems like I have the temp I need from the boiler but I have never heard of a sauna done like this-?


  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    so,..yah didnt listen and went ahead and installed her your self


    Good for you! i knew you could do it:)

    the Cold Climate Research Facility at the University of Alaska Fairbanks campus held an open house today...

    they sent the psychic police out after me after i had checked out every parameter of the Siemens control that was open to a non programing administrator *~/:)

    the dude who ran me off didnt EVEN Think of talking smack :)) and my parting jab in the conversation was that i thought the Caleffi control to be superior in many ways:))))

    it was fairly sharp the Monitor FCX was dialing the radiant temps out 1 degree away from out side air...reason being the occupancy load was being sensed and the HRV's were monitoring CO2 884.47 parts per million..quite a crowd.....They had the Viessman oil fired running Baseboard convectors :( ah well what the hey... the ultra oil from Weil Mclain was also lashed to the same over head shop heaters etc...not a complete waste of talent buh cha with an out going temp of 118.08 F i got to think it should be sorted out a bit better. not to brag me up buh the baseboard i have running off the injection system at my Buddys Thorstens home is closer to 78...whatever...:)

    Oh And NO Solar ! man. What were they Thinking?

    The Residential Wirsbo Fire sprinklers were looking real good though :)

    The thought is i am glad to hear you got it installed and are now considering something else few people on the planet have dialed in :) are you sure you don't have some relatives up in Nuiqsut chasing whales in a 16 footer hundreds a mile across the Arctic ocean? :) Those are some way cool Whalers *~/:) they do what they do because nobody ever told them they couldn't :)

    just how Warm do you want this Sauna? i call saunas ASanas....Guru Singh speaks these words :) He is another tribe of American Indians from the South :)

    do you want Dry or wet Asana? or do you want to beable to load dry heat and then pump up the humidity?

    there is a ready made steamer you can purchase. buh on the same note as what you would like to build you may find being able to dial it up or down might be more preferable.
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