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Taco or Tekmar Control?

alot of injection systems out there with 705=2's Taco ZVC EXP 's i like them they are real straight forward. taco has a little Green Book i call it . it has many combinations of wiring diagrams....

i would like to chirp up teckmar too they have lots of white papers that are fine reading :) on one MPO this year i have a taco RMB ...it is also a great product. The taco 4 way I series R would be a no brainer too.

t stats can accomplish some of the job the exercising can be done by the pinner control cards in the expandable however i have never used them .they are pretty much plug and play...the honewell control that comes "With" the MPO is real sharp. by one . You ll like it *~/:)


  • D107
    D107 Member Posts: 1,849
    For MPO/84

    1950s House is 47mbh loss/100mbh gain. Zone 1: 1" Monoflo, Convectors, 39mbh Loss, 74mbh Gain. Zone 2: 8mbh loss, 26mbh gain, 3/4" embassy fin baseboard.

    Features required: outdoor reset, boiler reset, programmable priority times, intelligent recovery, exercising, DHW priority, DHW override. Contractor has said that we can keep existing Honeywell thermostats instead of installing sensors on return, etc. We hope to be able to do one supply temp for both the convector and baseboard zones since the load to loss ratio for the baseboard is three to one. Lowest supply temp should be around 120 deg.

    The choices seem to be the Burnham Tekmar Tier 3, Tekmar D-370, Taco PC-700 with EXP relay (Equivalent to Tekmar 260 which requires field wiring.) I'd like advice on the PC-700 with the relay has all the above features.


  • John MacGregor_2
    John MacGregor_2 Member Posts: 32
    Digital thermostat cover

    I know this is off the subject, but a friend asked this morning if there was any such thing as a digital/combination lock t-stat cover. I thought you might know of something on this order, or maybe one of our correspondents will. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  • Jed_2
    Jed_2 Member Posts: 781

    Ask Carol Fey (For Controls Questions) Forum seems to be greatly mis-understood. Not much structure, thread protocol, or, for that matter, interest.

    First of all, Carol Fey, as I am to believe, works for Honeywell. This Forum should be titled " Carol Fey Talks Honeywell". Most of her articles in P&M Mag pretty much tell how Joe HO could wire his house. I know Carol is very knowledgable about Control Theory and Applications. But, she's rarely "in the house", and most of the "control questions" are "manufacturer specific" and usually are not Honeywell controls. I feel Carol may or may not know much about competitive controls.

    Seems like a lot to lay on her. Hence, "not in the house".

    And, of cousrse, there are those thread hijackers who just don't know how this Forum is supposed to work. I don't.

  • D107
    D107 Member Posts: 1,849
    thanks jed

    I had no idea this section was not for all controls. Or perhaps the hope was the others knowledgeable in controls would answer. Perhaps this should be clarified, since I think it is a worthwhile section.

  • David, you need to get in touch

    with Glenn Stanton from Burnham he will be able to set you stright on the MPO and its features and compatibility with control systems.
  • D107
    D107 Member Posts: 1,849

    yes he provided some good initial info to me and after looking again at some of the online manuals I'll take it up with him. Also at some point good to speak directly with Tekmar and Taco.

    I have to say from hanging at the wall I don't know of any other boiler reps who are as attentive as Glenn from Burnham and Joe from Buderus. May have missed it, but I haven't seen that kind of online help from Munchkin, Knight, WeilMcLain or any of the other modcon players. Makes me more confident about the Burnham and Buderus lines.
  • Rob_32
    Rob_32 Member Posts: 50
    but while we're at it....

    I was going to ask something here, too. Maybe ask it at the Wall proper, given Jed's comment

    But to the point. I think the PC700 is more like (or is...) the tekmar 256.

    I thought about doing a Taco ZVC404-exp with the PC600, PC605, and PC700 add-ons to get something like a tekmar 260. But it looks like there's some excellent logic in the 260 that you don't get with the above set up. Things like conditional DHW priority and DHW mixing purge, for example. I ended up choosing the tekmar 260 as my specification for the job.
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