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Blueray replacement

zeb_3 Member Posts: 104
that all of the circulators are wired to the j-box on the front of the boiler and not back to the TACO relay. If so,how is the relay controlling the individual circs?


  • This one was a rush job

    There's a 70 gallon Bock heater behind the boiler that started leaking yesterday afternoon . The customer decided to get rid of all the equipment at once , which was a smart choice . We lucked out on the placement . Although the room is narrow , access to it was right through a huge garage .
  • We installed a Burnham V85 with Beckett

    and a 79 gallon Megastor indirect . We meaning Paul , Sal , Danny and myself . 5 zones total including the indirect . We had no choice but to install all the pumps on the return - the supply pipe teed into all the flowvalves in different parts of the basement . First time we used the EZ prefab headers . I have to say it shaved off alot of assembly time with the IFC pumps . Now that I think about it , we didn't need the IFCs , but they won't hurt being there .
  • lchmb
    lchmb Member Posts: 2,997

    I like the look's of the return...Nice neat and compact!! Curious though, can you get the burner door to swing open? Look's a little tight. Now my other question why wouldn't you need the ifc's? I'll have to remember that layout, have a similiar job coming up soon and that would work very nice!! Keep the pic's coming, I need all the good idea's I can steal (oops mean borrow..:)..)

  • The burner door will clear the return pipe , and I guess there'd be enough room to get a vacuum in there . Pulling the burner if needs be would add a few minutes to a cleanout . I was thinking of facing the boiler like we always do - with the burner blowing toward the chimney , but there was no room with the depth of the V85 .

    We didn't need the IFCs because there was flowvalves upstream of all the return pipes already . I think I remember JCA saying the pumps on the return and the purge stations upstream of them makes getting the last of the air out a **** . That's why we used a main purge underneath all the jazz . Easier to pipe also . Thanks alot Lchmb , I appreciate the kind words .

  • I ran all the circ wires into a junction box so there wouldn't be a draping mess going into the Taco relay . I then ran one greenfield wire from the junction box to the relay .

    The way the wiring looks can make or break the aesthetics of an install .
  • zeb_3
    zeb_3 Member Posts: 104
    ah ha,

    your right, looks much neater that way. As usual, you guys have done a real nice job.
  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    Much tidier placement ,altogether. can be cleaned!

    What a revolutionary Idea! *~/:) What is the service tech going to think?...i can clean this thing,work on the burner,change the pumps...What Next! :) nothing to gripe about...:) You probably singlehanedly ruined the guys day :)
  • Dan Goodridge
    Dan Goodridge Member Posts: 62

    Nice neat job. One question though-- Why not mount the service switch on circulator j-box so you can reach it while working on the burner ?
  • The junction box on the boiler

    was for the circ wires only . I had no problem flipping the switch in a kneeling position in front of the boiler . It might not follow the letter of code , but it's definitely in the spirit . Also , the burner plugs into another junction box . Anything goes haywire and a simple tug will turn it off . Thanks Dan .
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