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Vitodens 200 Pre-Instalation Help

As stated in my prior post, that is just what I did. My LLH, manifold and controls are on a 5'L x 4'H plywood panel and will accomodate the primary zone plus two future zones. (This panel and mounted materials are on my dining room table as a pre-fab unit but just to give you an idea of the space. It could be a 4' x 4' panel but I wanted to "hit" some of the studwork for support.

The area for mounting the Vitodens itself is 90 degrees to the LLH panel and is about four feet wide. The Vitodens area is dictated by where the vent has to leave (between joists and through the rim joist) and with clearances to each side.

If you can picture this, the installation wraps around the corner.

But in short, properly lagged to the foundation and covered with 3/4" plywood (beadboard optional over finish- nice!) it should be amply supported.

If I can, I will post progress photos (and final ones of course!)



  • Perry_2
    Perry_2 Member Posts: 381
    Vitodens 200 Pre-Instalation Help

    Oh yeh; and the decision is the Vitodens 6-24. More on that later...

    My job is to prep the new installation area for a Vitodens 200 6-24.

    I have beadboarded the concrete wall and studded the basement. The wall area where the new boiler will hang has been ancored to the concret wall along with solidly anchored to the 1st floor joist.

    Today I am installing the final boards on the wall where the new boiler will go. Plans are to install two (2) horizonatal 2x6's (anchored with lag bolts) for mounting of the 6-24. I am using boards that are 5.5" wide (same as a 2 x 6) - and will be spacing them apart a bit (with nails). This will allow the basement walls to breath such that I don't stop the flow of moisture and create a mold growth area (beadboard is not water tight and the joints are not sealed). For those interested: I am using 3/4" A-C plywood for these boards. This is the utility, laundry, and workbech side of the basement. I figure I can hang most normal things from 3/4" plywood. I had the lumber yard rip the A-C plywood into 5.5" wide strips, will space them apart a bit, and paint them. The edges of the boards are already primed.

    My question - which is not answered in the Tech Manual or the Installation Manual is what is the verticle distance of the top and bottom mounting holes.

    I know that the mounting holes are 16" horizonatal; and that the "template" verticle hight is 35". I don't understand why they did not provide the verticle mounting holes distance.

    Can anyone out there help with this. Take a tape measure to an installed one and tell me what the verticle distance is for the installation bolts?

  • marc
    marc Member Posts: 203
    Mounting bracket

    The Vitodens brackets for all 4 boilers only require 2 anchors on the wall bracket, you are probably looking at the x brace, it uses 2 plastic snap fittings to hold the pipe connection assembly in the correct location to connect to the boiler. Marc
  • Perry_2
    Perry_2 Member Posts: 381
    So how far down is it?

    I need to have the lower 2x6 in the right spot as the 2x6 will stand away from the boards I am putting on the wall.

  • ALH_4
    ALH_4 Member Posts: 1,790

    The best info on that is in the Installation Manual. Begins Page 12

  • Gary Jansen_4
    Gary Jansen_4 Member Posts: 77
    Mounting dimensions

    Perry, I am assuming you are installing the upper mounting bracket center on your top 2x6. If that is true, measure from the top of your upper 2x6 down 37". That mark will be the bottom of your lower 2x6. Regards, Gary Jansen
  • Brad White_122
    Brad White_122 Member Posts: 9

    Perry, there is a template in the "fittings" box which is a great way to trial-fit the Vitodens. As also stated the X-brace and fitting pod (I call it) should install itself. Like you I am in the middle of it myself. Buy the package and it will help a lot.

    I too insulated the walls behind the boiler and where the "hydronics board" will go; 2x4's on flat, lagged with 1/2" Red Head bolts. 1.5" Polyisocyanurate (Gesundheit!) and 3/4" plywood over that. This will be carried around the basement eventually and provides a secure substrate for most anything.
  • Perry_2
    Perry_2 Member Posts: 381
    Thanks Gary & info for the rest

    Tanks Gary, The lower 2x6 will be located aproximagtely 33.75 through 39.25 from the top of the upper 2 x 6.

    As for the rest: The answer is not in the tech or installation manuals - I have those.

    I don't have the template - and the day it arrives so will the boiler installation crew.

    I have to have the wall all ready for them. This is not just the boiler location - but also an area to install the Low loss header, secondary circulator, expansion tank - etc.

    My goal is to have it all in, primed, and painted when the installation crew arrives.

    Considering I'm doing an entire basement wall - including electrical - its a fair amount of work.


  • Solarstar
    Solarstar Member Posts: 82

    thanks Brad I would love to see the Pics as well....
  • Brad White_9
    Brad White_9 Member Posts: 2,440
    Sneak Preview

    Found one, taken last spring (how long have I been working on this in my spare time?) Hope it is not too large a photo. The current configuration is similar but is more filled-in, with a cable tray running across the top and the relay block moved to the upper RH corner. Convenience outlet on a separate circuit remains in the upper left. In the background are some of my older CI small tube radiators and a Runtal unit for scale :) Board measures 48" high by 60" long.

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