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Thursdays Class

Generally speaking, energy from a high temperature substance flows to a substance at a lower temperature. The difference between the temperatures of the substances is referred to as the delta-t. The larger the delta-t, the greater the heat transfer rate. Smaller delta-t's will result in a lower heat transfer rate.

Keep this in mind, as we will be discussing the same basci concept as applied to pressure and (electrical) potential. For example, high presure flows to low pressure and the difference between the two pressures will determine the rate of transfer between the two pressures. the same holds true for electrical (pressure) or voltge.

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  • TGO_58
    TGO_58 Member Posts: 6
    Moving BTU's

    In class we talked about BTU's and heat always moving to cold. Do the BTU's move at the same rate or do they speed up or slow down as the temperatures get closer?
  • don_182
    don_182 Member Posts: 69
    good question

    The one factor that effects heat transfer is the temperture difference.

    Td is the driving force, the greater it is the the faster the heat will flow.However,keep in mind that certain material being used to transfer the heat will play a roll and how fast or slow the heat transfer will be as well.

    Ever herd the term high mass and low mass?

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