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Loat Problems in Towers and Evaporative Condensers

Hi Jack. Can you install a small resivour off to the side of the tower ? Drill and tap? Flanges? Water should seek its own level, and the float will be protected.


  • JackEnnisMartin
    JackEnnisMartin Member Posts: 70
    Float Problems in Towers and Evaporative Condensers

    I have a long standing problem with an evaporative condenser makeup water system. The current makeup is via the time honored float and valve. In essence ,it is a somewhat pricey toilet float. The condenser in question has had everyone and thier friend try to stop the water level from going too high and have met with limited success. I will list some of the ideas used: a stilling well around the float to prevent direct contact with the water falling back into the sump, a double float custom fabricated by our welder, every kind of float valve imaginable. I am now the lucky person who is supposed to make this thing work. The water returning to the sump { I am told } hits the float ball and depresses it allowing water to enter the sump. The water level goes over the hieght of the skimmer drain and the tower slowly, but surely, gets rid of the chemicals being added to the water fro corrosion control and legionnares. The idea of the stilling well came out of this observation and a stainless hat channel was constructed and placed over the float arms to protect them from this violent water hammer from above. A good idea that did not work. I had the idea of installing a modified Macdonnell water feeder { a close cousin to the 25 A}; but, the hieght I have to work with is very small ,seven inches in total. I am stymed for the moment as to where we go to next and I am wondering what other people have done to overcome this problem? We also have a tower on one of the schools that has an electonic float level indicator and it supplies the signal to open a soleniod valve via the DDC system in the school . It unfortunately works not at all well. I have worked with towers for years and I have never come across problems quite like these the evaporative condenser is aged but, the tower is state of the art installed last year. Some advice would be very appreciated.

    Jack Ennis Martin
  • Eugene Silberstein 3
    Eugene Silberstein 3 Member Posts: 1,380
    My Suggestion

    My suggestion would have been the electronic float sensor controlling the solenoid valve. You mentioned that this method does not seem to be working well. If you don't mind me asking, why is this so?

    I seems that, since the typical float valve is not working due to excessive water pushing down on the float, there is a problem with the piping, not the float. As we all know, the float assembly has been used for many, many years, without incident for the most part.

    If all else fails, you might want to consider a magnetic float valve similar to that used in refrigerant recovery tank sensors to de-energize the receovery equipment in the event the recovery tank is filled to over 80% of its capacity.

    Keep us posted.
  • Marty
    Marty Member Posts: 109

    Whose tower(brand) and how big ? I'd be wondering why water is hammering down on the float hard enough to cause overfilling, that being said would an external box for the float be an option? Its pretty easy to do as long as the tower in question has a decent sized sump drain.
  • RICK_40
    RICK_40 Member Posts: 7

    I had a similar problem city pressure was great valve installed globe valve to adjust pressure.Is float good have seen some with a little weep hole apperaing al= liitle heavier.
  • Jim M
    Jim M Member Posts: 29
    External Float Chamber

    Hit this link and look into the aqua float 100

    good luck
  • JackEnnisMartin
    JackEnnisMartin Member Posts: 70
    Float Problems in Towers and Evaporative Condensers

    Thank you for the ideas they were very helpful. The electonic float that is not working well is -- to my mind-- strange. I have never seen one like it before. It has as it's housing an electrical 3/4 inch lb. The float is tiny and hangs down below the pipe that extends down from the lb body. Under this is a tiny float that moves a hollow collar up and down as the water level increases or decreases. The float has chronic problems with the seal and water enters it and of course causes it to fail. I have decided to try an Macdonnell 851 electonic controller and the Honeywell { Belimo style } motor it opens slowly and has a fail safe spring return. I will write and tell you how it works when I get it installed. As for the make of the evaporative condenser it is so old no one knows who the orginial maker.

    Thanks for your help -- hug your kids they are the future we are the past!

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