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sealing a deal

Dave DeFord_4
Dave DeFord_4 Member Posts: 26
Does this guy ever give you work. If the answer is yes then you should probably continue to give quotes. If the answer is no, then I would discuss the problem with him. Explain your situation - quoting may be free to the customer but it is not free to you. Back your statements up with facts dates and jobs etc. Explain to him that you cannot afford to continue to quote jobs for free if the work never comes your way. This person is in business they will understand. Maybe you can come to some sort of an agreement where you can make some money in the deal by specing equipment, doing the design works something. If you can't you really haven't lost anything - in fact you have gained the time you would have spent quoting work you were not going to get anyway. Good luck and remember that if you win every bid you are bidding too low.


  • clammy
    clammy Member Posts: 3,094
    sealing a deal

    Just wondering what everybodies thoughts are on re doing estimates that you qouted last year and getting a call to give another bid with more equipment for the same building owner, only difference is unit and materal pricing and having to up grade from 12 to 14 seer stuff .Then after being told they want to move quickly and need that bid you drop it off only to be told that they will let you know in a week or two .I basically told the guy that if you wait 2 weeks you may be waiting longer and at that point i will have other jobs scheledged and we would have to let them know when we would be able to start the job after other scheledged work i done .Some times i feel as though alot of these guys re just using my bids to find a low bidder and how do you guys feel about written quotes and getting a design ,layout and heatgain fee for them just wasting my time thanks peace and good luck clammy
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  • Empire_2
    Empire_2 Member Posts: 2,343
    Me thinks the topic was discussed.

    Everyone has an opinion as to how or what is given to the customer. Again, I state that I only give limited information backed by fully researched knowledge or PC programs (if you will) and can only sell myself on what I present in the beginning. I am a super nice guy and hate when I submit all my research so the customer can show another contractor that can cut me off like a razor. It's a personal call, but ya kind of get the feeling of whom is serious and whom is head hunting for the lowest possible price. I will be dammed if I divulged all my info to make it effortless for the next guy to slash $400.00 to 600.00 off the price and win the project. I would not expect any other contractor to tell me anything that I missed. IN FACT, sometimes when even offered dollar amount by THE CUSTOMER, I tell them I don't wan't to know.....;-) I take pride in winning my bids and doing the work myself. If I lose it, then I sharpen my pencil for the next one. ;-)

    Mike T.

    Which brings to mind...Ever see Amegedon? When the guy's are ready to launch and the on guy sais, "Harry,..Just think.... we are sitting on 400,000 lbs of fuel and this thing has over 50,000 critical parts/ all installed by the lowest bidder...... ;--)

    Mike T.
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