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update on burst in pex piping

hr Member Posts: 6,106
an electric boiler that overheats because of a defective element?

The safety switches, and there is usually more than one, senses the boiler water temperature and drops both legs of power to the element. Usually via a contactor. You might make sure someone hasn't mis wired the safety controls?

But it sure does look like an overheat issue.

hot rod

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  • Derek_6
    Derek_6 Member Posts: 4
    update on burst in radiant piping

    I had an electrician check out the boiler and here is what he found.
    one of the elements had burned out but was shorting to ground so it was still heating and bypassing the limit switches so it just ran until something failed. no guess as to how hot it got.
    Also I showed the piece to a fellow contractor and he recognised it right away as "poly B" not pex. I did not believe him until we scraped the surface coating off, and sure enough its grey.
    you learn something new everyday, and what I love about this forum is everyone shares their knowledge.
  • Ed_26
    Ed_26 Member Posts: 284

    If you are saying this pipe has been painted/colored to resemble pex, who did it & why? Is this from a mfg. that is trying to use up some old poly 'B' stock? Maybe the insurance co. should look into this. We don't need this happening in our industry. It's bad enough that pex fittings are made in china/korea to less than standards, without more pipe problems.
  • Derek_6
    Derek_6 Member Posts: 4
    pex/poly b

    I do not think this is an attempt to disguise anything.In the days when poly b was acceptable they put an oxy barrier on it to make it more suitable for heating use and colured it red because that seems the most prefered colour.
    I have not seem any before but there is probably lots of it out there.
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