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Buderus G115

I use Riello's Becketts and Carlins in different applications. Ibelieve you would find the most reliability with the Carlin in the set up you describe.

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  • Rich_29
    Rich_29 Member Posts: 20

    I have read on another forum that there may be a problem with buderus direct vent and reillo burners. I am having a G115 installed this spring with the option of outside air intake and chimney exhaust. Are there any problems with this arrangement? or am I better off using boiler room air for intake. I wanted to have the least amount of noise from the boiler/burner. Thanking you in advance.
  • Big Ed
    Big Ed Member Posts: 1,117

    I have found the BF and F series are both quiet with a chimney set up.I perfer the F series over the BF for ease of setting a perfect fire.I would use the BF in a linty/dusty/dirty boiler location
    or need to with Direct Vent...
  • Marc_9
    Marc_9 Member Posts: 3
    Beckett NX

    I have a Beckett NX in my G115-4, it has run flawlessly and is absolutly silent. I think it can be used for direct vent.
  • John White
    John White Member Posts: 120
    hanging circ

    I don't mean to butt my nose in, but it appears there is a Pink circulator in the back of the photo that is installed in a hanging positon. For what it's worth, that should be corrected ASAP, as there is no faster way to burn a wet rotor circulator out than installing one in that position.
    Just some friendly advice. jw
  • Jason_23
    Jason_23 Member Posts: 1
    Direct vent

    I would not recommend a direct vent 115. There is a problem with the system misfiring during operation. I have been having problems with my system for over two years with no proper fix in site.
  • singh
    singh Member Posts: 866
    one job

    I used a buderus g115-4 dv with a beckett nx, I had a few no heat and no hotwater calls, this past winter. Everything was set up, perfect, very quiet.
    can't figure what it is ,nozzles were change each time, everything clean.
    But if happens again, I think I'll eat it and replace the burner with a riello.

    Talked to another contractor, same boiler/burner, same problem, he replaced burner with riello.

    NX very sensitive, make sure adjustment is right-on, I believe it was 2.5 .

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  • Will_5
    Will_5 Member Posts: 85
    Beckett NX

    I have noticed that on the NX burners have a little trouble sensing the flame on the low firing rates. You may want to check the ohm reading on the primary, it should have the 7100 series primary that will tell you the resistance by the push of a button. I put one of the new MPO147DV's in with a NX in February and it was impressive.
  • J.V.M.
    J.V.M. Member Posts: 7

    Thats a great combination boiler/burner, first a question is this unit vented to a chimney? Which Riello Burner is on the boiler? An lastly what conditons are like in the cellar?Once I know those answers I can tell you which way to go?
  • Rich_29
    Rich_29 Member Posts: 20

    It will be vented to a chimney. The basement is semi-finished. The boiler will be in an unfinished room app. 8'X 9'. The laundry room will be close to the boiler room - dryer is a Fisher-Paykel and it appears to exhauast a lot of air compared to dryer I removed. Beyond that I don't use the basement much and it would appear not to be as clean as the rest of the house. I don't know which Reillo will be installed by the installer but I am not locked in to any as yet. Hope this helps. Thank you. Rich
  • Bob K
    Bob K Member Posts: 1

    Has anyone had problems with Buderus H W biolers models # GB-142 or GA- 124?
  • Ted_9
    Ted_9 Member Posts: 1,718

    You should start a new topic, bob K. You may get more answers.

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  • ezheat_2
    ezheat_2 Member Posts: 1

    Gentlemen as you all know that when it comes to oil burners that they all work differently in different enviroments. I would have to say that it all depends on the installer and what his preference is to what burner he is going to install. I think that all the becketts, riellos and carlins are a good burner as long as the tech takes the time to set it up to the enviroment that it is in.
  • J.V.M.
    J.V.M. Member Posts: 7

    Thanks for the answers, with the Buderus installed intro a chimney there is thhe possiblity of combustion sound. But I have found that in setting up the Riello burner, you can quiet it down but setting to the Riello specs, not Buderus specs. Also use a 60degree W nozzle. this soften the flame.The 60degree B type nozzle will give you more combustion noise. Set the burner for 10-12.5% co2. Hope this helps. ,JVM
  • Ron Schroeder
    Ron Schroeder Member Posts: 998

    I have been using a G115-21 with a Riello BF3 in direct vent for years with no problems.
  • captbuderus
    captbuderus Member Posts: 10
    Buderus/Riello DV

    I have quite a few of these combo's out there. The "problem" is that with extremly cold air they tend to develop carbon on the heads, causing no heat calls. I use the seperate hoods,ie aero-cowl with the combustion air intake. If the intake is longer and the basement warm it's less of a problem. Also I've been openinig the vac. breaker to mix some warmer basement air with the outside intake air. All my equipment is set to spec and tested with a Testo so improper set up is not a issue. I have converted 1 such combo to the Carlin burner to see if it resolves the issue.
  • marco_5
    marco_5 Member Posts: 17
    Keep us posted

    If you could keep us posted, I would like to hear your results. I have seen quite a few DV's with both the Riello's and the Carlins working in the field, and look forward to hearing your experience.
  • captbuderus
    captbuderus Member Posts: 10
    Will do but.....

    I'm in the spring summer months so I'll have to wait for cold air again....................
  • Ron Schroeder
    Ron Schroeder Member Posts: 998

    I read the other day and I will try to find it that to resolve the Carlin cold head was to increase pressure to 180psi and of course decrease the nozzle, that was from Carlin
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