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S/F Liberty II downfiring - experience?

Constantin Member Posts: 3,796
you're probably best off contacting him at S/F directly. Plus, some manufacturers are reluctant to publicly post things outside official specs. I imagine that context is very important, and that's where talking a problem through with an expert like Noel becomes very valuable. Good Luck!


  • soot_seeker_4
    soot_seeker_4 Member Posts: 22
    S/F Liberty II downfiring?

    the S/F Liberty II 3-section CI boiler (LD-30?) for hydronic is shown in S/F's chart as coming in 2 firing flavors: 1.10gph & 1.25gph.

    has anyone had experience firing this boiler at say .75 or .85gph (or .65 w/ raised psi) with the bundled AFG? if so, were you able to get a clean smoke & efficient combustion results?

    if S/F is on the board, i'd like to get their take on this? (this is really just a question for a future project but i would like to know in advance & really don't want to go with the 2 section).


  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    i have.

    and you can indeed use a smaller nozzel. get yours with a riello.
  • soot_seeker_4
    soot_seeker_4 Member Posts: 22
    maybe i should have added...

    maybe i should have added.. if S/F is OK with going with a smaller nozzle on that unit then why is it they don't specify in the chart what they want to see in the way of the nozzle/angle/afg head/baffle/etc. the other setup entries in the chart for 1.10/1.25 (which seems large to me anyway for this compact guy) specify the nozzle right down to the angle & even the manufacturer. why leave off there? are they saying reduced efficiencies will result or they just haven't tested it that way? not every ~2500 sq/ft house needs 105K-125K btus & i'd say that many of them could survive the whole heating season decently on 75K-80K except for the maybe 3-4 days in january that they get near a design day. frankly, (in my house) i'd rather have the boiler run constantly (even losing ground) on those few chilly house days & enjoy the longer cycles, efficiencies, & fuel savings that would result during the rest of the shoulder months.

  • Bob Flanagan_3
    Bob Flanagan_3 Member Posts: 67
    Liberty II

    My best advice to you is to contact our Tech. Serv. Dept. at 1-800-873-4346. You can speak to any of our Tech. personell and they will steer you in the right direction. Larry Askew and Noel Murdough are especially qualified on oil.

    Thanks for choosing Slant/Fin. If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to call me at 508-946-9093.

    Best of luck,
    Bob Flanagan
    National Sales Manager
    Slant/Fin Corp.
    Bob Flanagan

    Vice President

    Slant/Fin Corp.
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