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one pipe steam boiler is short cycling

mel rowe
mel rowe Member Posts: 324
I'm sure you'll get answers from people that know much more than I have learned to date; however, I will give you what I know so far and see if that helps. I have a Utica boiler also. I adjust the heat anticipator only as high as required to get all radiators warm before the system shuts down. With some of the changes I mention after this, I'm currently running with my heat anticipator setting at .4. It also sounds like your Pressuretrol is set way too high. The system should operate fine with the Pressuretrol set at 1/2 psi, with differential of 1. I just replaced the press. gauge on my boiler and got the correct one that reads from 0-5psi. The old one was 0-50 and showed nothing. I immediately learned that my Pressuretrol was allowing an even higher pressure that it was set for. Excess pressure can cause the short cycling. So you might benefit from a correct gauge, if you don't have one. Also you need to look at the venting on your mains as a another important step. It is critical that the mains be well vented to eliminate air as quickly as possible when the boiler starts to steam. These steps should get you started.


  • Anthony from Morristown
    one pipe steam boiler short cycling

    One pipe Utica PEG-C 90,000 Btu steam boiler is short cycling. I skimmed & blew down boiler, water is clean, surging has stopped. Heat anticipator is maxed at 1.2(utica boiler recommended setting). Pressuretrol at 2psi/diff-2 (utica says .5psi/1) cycling on 3min max off 30 sec(even shorter at .5psi/1) How long should it cycle for? Am I creating steam quicker than it can condense so it keeps cutting out? I presently have only 6 of my 9 radiators operational, with the other 3 working would the boiler stay on longer? Should I lower the gas? Should I just pop off a vent to relieve pressure and the boiler will run longer? The stat is set on 70, but with these cold nites the heat doesn't get past 68 is that because it short cycles and cant keep up? I have ran out of answers and only have questions left. Advice is greatly appreciated. Both me and my wife(with her hooded sweatshirt and scarf running around the house crying she's cold)
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