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weezbo puppy woes

stew_4 Member Posts: 7
just got back from weezbos house. still laughing my posterior off. hahahahahahaha. was standing there and his dog's intestines made a run for the border. all over living room floor. hahahahahahahahahahaha. later. stew


  • Larry Weingarten
    Larry Weingarten Member Posts: 3,250
    Sounds like...

    ... a BIG puppy. What sort is it... water dog?

    Yours, Larry
  • stew_4
    stew_4 Member Posts: 7
    weezbos dog

    not so much a water dog as it is a mud butt dog. hahahahahahaha. sorry weez. no, just a mutt. he bites people and nips at fingers when he isn't pooping on floors.
  • Chuck Shaw_4
    Chuck Shaw_4 Member Posts: 66
    from the sounds of it

    its an Alaskan Brown Water Dog.....must be a new breed.
  • bigugh_4
    bigugh_4 Member Posts: 406
    Not Fair,

    LYAO and not helping out! Hey only one kind of DOG FOOD and once per day usually at night since they use food for warmth. NO PEOPLE food ever makes for a dog who's mud is controllable. There I fixed a problem, and Oh I LOL also. sorry
  • Rocky_2
    Rocky_2 Member Posts: 89
    All over Weez's new Sprinter's interior, to boot!

    Oh, the indignity of it all!
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