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Coil booster vs. Indirect

Todd_9 Member Posts: 88
I have a customer with a W/M 466 steamer. The domestic coil is not producing sufficient hotwater. What I was wondering is what is a better method: adding an indirect off the condensate or a booster off the coil?


  • Al Letellier
    Al Letellier Member Posts: 781
    hot water off steamer

    You can't beat an indirect when it comes to making hot water. With a coil, you are limited to the coil's capacity to make hot water. With the indirect on a steam boiler, you have a lot more punch and will make LOADS of hot water. Use Weil's piping schematic and you can't go wrong. Their indirects are amongst the best out there. We have hundreds of them out in the field and no problems.
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  • Todd_9
    Todd_9 Member Posts: 88

    I have used an indirect several times and I agree with your reply. I normally would use a superstor - primarily because their coil being on the bottom made piping easy and kept it below the NWL. I am a little gun shy to do so on this because its a W/M 466 and its not piped properly so I would rather not open a can of worms trying to add the indirect. The coil is existing and just doesn't keep up so I thought that by adding a storage tank with a pump, it would be easier. I am planning on using an Everhot WB50 with a 006. As I think about it, I agree the indirect would give more hw but, we'd only be able to use a 1/2"tapping where the boiler drain is and I thought that might be too much of a restriction. This boiler will be replaced in a few years so at that point we could pipe it like it should be. Thanks for the response.

    btw the other proposal was to install an LP hwh and make this boiler cold start, this thing has maintained temp for the last 15-20 years so it wouldn't last much longer if that was done.
  • Dave Palmer_3
    Dave Palmer_3 Member Posts: 388

    you probaly would open a can of worms once you break the system open.I would go w/ the booster or better yet use a electric heater as the booster tank just disconnect the power to the elements and use the bottom aquastat control.We do it alot,Dave
  • Dave Palmer_3
    Dave Palmer_3 Member Posts: 388

    don't open the system or you may be changing the fast-fill,relief valve,etc.. Use a booster or better a electric heater and disconnect the element wires and use the bottom aquastat.We do it a lot with existing tanks good luck Dave
  • J.C.A._3
    J.C.A._3 Member Posts: 2,981

    Follow your insticts!(A 66 series has maintained temp. for a few years more than you state!) A booster tank recovery is only as good as the coil it's attached to. If it's not doing it now, it may keep the customer happy for a while...but NOT in the long term.

    You say that the boiler is going to be replaced soon, yet another reason for the Super Stor. A lifetime warranty would beat the crap out of a booster tank, HANDS DOWN !

    One other thing to consider is the replacement boiler. Most steam boilers being produced now, have adequate tappings for doing just what you are planning to do. The other thing to consider is the control being used to make it work properly, as it isn't usually supplied.Don't forget to bid it in your proposal!

    Show the owner the DISADVATAGES of havinga LP fired water heater, give them a great job and feel confident that you've given the best solution for the long term. Chris
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