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Steam Boilers

DennisKer Member Posts: 1
I'm going to be installing a new 3-section w/tankless boiler in my house. What brand should I use ?? Peerless, Smith,Weil Mclain,etc; ( oil )


  • Ken_8
    Ken_8 Member Posts: 1,640
    All 3

    are fine boilers. The Smith being not quite as "fine" as the other two IMHO(;-o)

    Oil or gas fired?

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  • kevin coppinger_4
    kevin coppinger_4 Member Posts: 2,124
    Actually I would ....

    and do use a Smith 8 series over the Peerless or W-Mc... Secions are wider and the rep I have is top notch. (i have several out there) It is actually a Steam boiler design used a s a hot water boiler some of the others are Hot water boilers used as steam boilers....kpc

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  • Al Corelli
    Al Corelli Member Posts: 454

    We use the Smith 8 All the time. Water, Steam, No Problems. We love these boilers. The only Smith boiler I've ever had trouble with, was a 28 12 used for process steam at a bakery. And after using a Clearwave on the supply line, the replacement has outlasted all the other boilers. This one has lasted three times longer than the last one. I love Smith.

    I like the Smith 8 better than the Peerless. I've seen too many holes in the tops of Peerless (JO, JOT)sections to install another one. Saw an ECT at the supply house that was going back for warranty. Same hole in the top front of the rear section. I guess the problem persists.

    The only Weil McLain I like is the Ultra. Saw two installs by others, and hope to do one soon.
  • Mijola
    Mijola Member Posts: 124
    Boiler selection


    Where are you located? That can have a lot to do with the way you will get warranty considerations if needed. I am retired now, but when I was in the field full time I only sold a boiler that “I” could get parts for the same day if needed. Service to my customer was my concern.

    If I had a small part on a boiler go bad, I could usually get it from the local supplier. However if I needed a boiler section, or an entire block assembly under a warranty, it usually had to come from the manufacturer.

    The local supplier usually did not stock entire blocks for all sizes of the boilers he sold. He did have them in new boilers, but would not “break down” a new boiler for parts, any more that a new car dealer would take a motor out of a new car, to put into yours, for the warranty.

    W-M is in Indiana. H.B. Smith is in Mass. Peerless is in eastern Pennsylvania.

    I am in north east Pennsylvania. I dealt with Burhnam, in Lancaster PA, Peerless in Boyertown Pa, and EFM, in Emmaus PA. Early on I also bought Van Wert, in Peckville Pa, (really showing my age there). My favorite was Burhnam, closely followed by Peerless. Both are great boilers with great service. IMHO

    The operative term there was not Pennsylvania, it was “LOCAL”. If the local supplier did not have the boiler block or a special part, I could send one of my men directly to the factory and get it within hours. And I did that on more than one occasion, which really saved the day.

    If the local supplier did not have a block, and I had a warranty boiler in a house with no heat at 10 degrees, I could not easily drive to Indiana or Mass from PA, to get the boiler block. I would have had to sell them another new boiler, and credit them for the block. (Pi - - ed off the customer).

    Buying a good boiler, from a manufacturer that is only shipping distance, (not driving distance) can have an effect on the warranty. Many complete new boilers are “sold” to people that have warranties, but that can not wait for the parts to be shipped under that warranty. Just something else to consider.


    Ed Carey
  • What boiler to use

    You are hiring the contractor to install this steam boiler and ultimately that is far more important than simply considering which brand to use. Ask for references from the contractor and if he is a professional he will provide them. The contractor you hire will feel comfortable with the brand of boiler he recommends because of his experience with previous installations.
  • ernie_3
    ernie_3 Member Posts: 191
    smith v weil-mclain

    First off you're asking opinion. Can anyone say FD12??
  • Patrick_28
    Patrick_28 Member Posts: 8
    Which boiler

    I vote for the best installer! I'll take the Chevy over the Mercedes if it is installed to meet or exceed the install specs and the Mercedes is installed by the local forced air guy.

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  • B. Tice
    B. Tice Member Posts: 206

    I'll second Ed and Patrick's views. I have had good luck with Smith myself.
  • WPH2205
    WPH2205 Member Posts: 52

    How about Dunkirk? I've been using these almost exclusively for about 15 years. No problems,(except for the NSTP series Crown oil fired steam). Other than that they're great.
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