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soy in fuel oil?

Jason_16 Member Posts: 2
Is there anything I need to be aware of concerning the new fuel mix some of the suppliers are offering our customers?
What are the pros & cons?
Also, are manufacturers on board with this?


  • DaveGateway
    DaveGateway Member Posts: 568
    Good Reference


    Pros: cleaner boiler, better for the environment and help cut our imports.

    Cons: Still expensive but only a few cents less then straight #2ow. Could stir up the crud in old tanks. Gels quicker in outdoor tanks. Goes sour sooner then straight #2.
  • Constantin
    Constantin Member Posts: 3,796
    Biggest Potential Bonus: Low Sulfur

    ... that is, besides the benefit to US and Canadian farmers of soybeans, canola, etc.

    If your B10 or B20 is made with veggie oil and low-sulfur dino juice, allegedly the typical soiling inside a properly-set up boiler will virtually dissappear. Take a look at the NORA website... they have an interesting interim BNL publication on the advantages of low-sulfur fuel... the photographic comparison between annual oil boiler section soiling by sulfur content was particularly interesting, IMO.

    The BNL researchers concluded that it was in the interest of everyone to lower the home heating fuel sulfur content as the payoff (fewer vacuumings, better combustion, better heat transfer, etc.) outweighed the minimal additional cost of going to low-sulfur. Whether that's true or not will be shown in the future. At least in Europe the additional cost seems to be marginal at best when one considers the benefits.
  • Jimmy Gillies
    Jimmy Gillies Member Posts: 250
    Not enough to go round.

    There is not enough crops growing in the world to feed my fellow man. Please don't use this type of fuel.
    We in the developed world must try and feed people in the third world, they need our help!!
    I have a very big healthy son that I love loads, and since I became a father 14 years ago I have looked at other parts of the our world and noticed the starvation. I know you or I can't change that but we can help. I'm not saying using oil is the best way, but if it helps to feed some kids I'll burn oil.
    Buy 'Fair Trade' goods for a start, because there was a demand for fair trade goods here in the UK most of the supermarkets have a vast range of these goods.
    I'm no hippy, I'm a very right-wing person and I just want to help my fellow man.
    Thanks for reading.
    Jimmy Gillies (Scotland).
  • Lurker_2
    Lurker_2 Member Posts: 123

    people going hungry has nothing to do with lack of crops. It is distribution, and, of course, money. Millionso f tons of grain rot in warehouses every year
  • Jimmy Gillies
    Jimmy Gillies Member Posts: 250
    I agree.

    You are correct, we must push our respective governments to do something about it!!!
    Not just think about our own fuel needs, but these poor people who need FOOD.
    Do you know that a kid in the UK or the US has a 30 times better chance of reaching the age of five than in some parts of Africa. Very, very sad.
    Sorry, but we must do better by these people.
    Have a nice Easter.
    KInd regards.
  • Joe Brix
    Joe Brix Member Posts: 626
    Don't forget

    Our government has paid farmers NOT to grow crops for a long time. I think in a 20% mix, biodiesel had maybe 5% less BTU's then straight #2. If the flash point is lower and you get less ash and Carbon by products, I think it nets out because you're getting a better complete burn.
  • Jason_16
    Jason_16 Member Posts: 2

    So none of the boiler manufacturers have a problem w/ the conversion to soy mix?
  • Tony Conner
    Tony Conner Member Posts: 549
    What About The...

    ...fuel codes? Do they have any requirements for fuels like this? I can just see this adding "fuel to the fire" (bad pun) when it comes to insurance issues.

    There was a soy milling operation near here that burned down (and man, did it BURN...) that was supplying oil to a feed mill next door (same company). A lot of people may not realize that if you're running pipe for a flammable service fluid that's NOT being used for a fuel (as in an animal feed ingredient), then you can very likely fall under the ASME B31.3 Process Piping Code.

    Nobody was hurt in the fire, but it took 5 volunteer fire depts and 40 guys about 24 hours to get that fire out. Lots of BTUs in oil from soy beans.
  • Mitch_4
    Mitch_4 Member Posts: 955
    bio diesel

    Beckett burners and Suntec pumps are good to B20 Bio mix. Anything better will cause the pump seals to swell.
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