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Circ. location

Rich P_2
Rich P_2 Member Posts: 1
I remember reading about circ. pump locations and how they should be placed on the supply side of the system instead of the return.In fact I also recall the author saying that O.E.M."s ship a package boiler with the circ. on the return just for convienance. I think this was from Dan's articals but I'm not sure. My question is, if this is so then why?.Also why do Ialways see them on the return ? Thanks in advance.


  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232

    the reason why you always "see" them on the return is because for the most part thats the way it been done in a great many homes...smaller homes often the minor technicalities are something people tend to Live with ,and even in newer homes it is something they see alot also so it doesnt botheranyone particularily and so it keeps doing what its doing and nobody cares....particularily. now on slightly larger homes well now things dont work right maybe people wont really like having spent all kinds of hard earned$ to learn that "Feature" of thier new XX0000$ systems...so instead of not getting paid we would prefer to do it right thank them for the opportunity to do some good work and go on with life and count our blessings.*~/:) make sence?
  • Big Ed
    Big Ed Member Posts: 1,117

    The seals in the first circulators that were used years ago could not handle the heat as well . So they were installed on the return where the water was cooler. It became a habit and we were taught it put them on the return...

    The boiler manufacture installed them on the return of their package units so they now stack more, smaller crates......
  • Michal
    Michal Member Posts: 213

    Generally now a days the circs are on the supply side as not to pump through the boiler, seems that there is a little better efficiency/flow pullinh through then pumping through, thats what I have heard. I have done both, interesting what others might say
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