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T-Drill and REMS Curvo saves big $$s

hr Member Posts: 6,106
Express Lube job I am doing. Three- 350K waste oil boilers are stacked and tied into a floating free standing 2-1/2" primary loop. Thanks to Bob Warner for that idea!

The primary loop allows 8 hydronic unit heaters and a largwe Ergomax indirect a place to join in the party.

The T-drill saved me 20- 2-1/2" tees at about $25.00 each! The Curvo saves a dozen or more ells of various sizes from 3/4" to 1-1/4"

Also to be considered is the flux, solder, actylene, and labor that 20 sweat tees would have added to the job. With the T-drill only one solder joint is needed per connection.

Add it all up and probably a grand ($1000.00) worth of parts and labor savings. Fairly quick payoff on these tools when you start working large diameter copper.

Little if any pressure drop between T drilled branched. The fluid merely sees an open window as it passes by :)

B&G sweat iso check flanges were also used on every branch.

I did have to use 4 ells as I mis calced a few dimensions for the Curvo, and needed to keep thing tight in a very limited mechanical room space. Hense the 3 stacked Clean Burns.

A tekmar 264 will be the brains behind the brawn.

hot rod

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  • Paul Rohrs
    Paul Rohrs Member Posts: 357
    Awesome work HR

    Great looking work!

    I have quoted so many clean burns over the years. Are you pursuing a yearly service contract for these units?


  • grindog
    grindog Member Posts: 121
    very nice work

    hot rod did you solder the tee connections or were they brazed. I was always taught to braze tee connections to strengthen the joint.
    Aa usual your work is nice to look at
  • Paul Rohrs
    Paul Rohrs Member Posts: 357

    Is that a PL-130 primary circulator? Those PL series are excellent. I just received pricing and availability on the new Taco 1400 series which will be their equal to the B&G PL's.


  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232

    looky like the penatration is thourough :)tomorrow i send some swoopy pictures of a boiler i may not be able to get back to for quite a while..:(...summer is almost on us and me and mouse in my pocket gonna be some tired fellas *~/:) if you like what you see ...or not you critique it out so i make some better art work...i am sorta partial to it as its my second swoopy job since i got it :).................................................................................................................................Oki Sunday *~/;) first is Jo and Joanne's ..shes as happy as a people could be :) she picked out her favorite things by the swoopies :)..........,,.Then heres my second actual instigation with the swoopy and uies..i bagged off my check valves in favor of the "uies" :) oH the back of the wall ,Jason,my nephew, made up with about 16 swoopy 90's the Alex and he made ..Alex is standing by another swoopy out of the well line up the wall and by swoopy back....we have a 1/1/4" triangle tube indirect..now to get the 1/1/4" back bender ...i hopes its here :) thanks again :)
  • kevin_5
    kevin_5 Member Posts: 308
    Gorgeous HR!

    I have the T-drill, but I gotta tell ya that REMS Curvo is really tempting me. The bad thing is, I know that I couldn't just immediately start cranking out the kind of work I see you doing. That tool has a learning CURVE.
    (pun intended, aint I awful)
    Kevin O. Pulver

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  • Mark Eatherton1
    Mark Eatherton1 Member Posts: 2,542

    It has been my experience that under some conditons these units need to be serviced MONTHLY. Make sure the owners are aware of it. They think all heating systems are a set it and forget it proposition.

    Treat the fly ash as a toxic material. It contains babbit which is a close relative of lead and suspected carcinogen.

    Good idea, but very maintenance intensive, and very few knowledgable people to work on them...

    Great job as usual HR. Keep raising the bar and thinking outside of the normal pipe, valve and fitting box.

  • hr
    hr Member Posts: 6,106
    bring it on Weezer bro :)

    I'd love to see the northern sweeps.

    hot rod

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  • hr
    hr Member Posts: 6,106

    yes you could be a bend artist quickly. I used some scrap PAP to practice :) Bending software is very inexpensive if you want to get real fancy. Do a web search for tube bending to find tips and tools.

    hot rod

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  • hr
    hr Member Posts: 6,106
    PL power! brazed joints, etcx

    a very good pump for the money. This has 36's on the boilers, 40 on the Ergomax, and a 130 primary.

    Armstrong also has some open frame, affordable, circs on the market.

    The Clean Burn dealer/ distributor for this area handles the cleaning. They have the knowledge and equipment, and desire, to do it! They built a clever cart to hang the burner on and circulate a cleaner through. Then they replace seals and o- rings. These waste oil burners are a bit of maintenance issue!

    I braze everything above 2" copper. Lots of thermal stress in a large loop that may go from room temperature to 180 in a few minutes! The braze give additional joint strength and allows some movement at the branches due to the softening of the pipe when it is heated and brazed.

    It allows some "plumbness" adjustment also when you T drill. You can tweak the branches a bit to get perfect alignment. Fun to silver braze, ocassionally :) Be sure you have a torch that is up to the task. We used an oxy/ actylene rig with a small rosebud tip.

    hot rod

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  • A.J.
    A.J. Member Posts: 257
    Very professional Hot Rod

    did you use the Powered Tee Drill for around $2500 Or the less drill version by M&S Valves? I'v been wanting a Tee Drill for about a year know but the price has been scaring me a little.How much did the Curvo set you back and how big of a pipe will it handle?

    Kupet's Plb & Htg
  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    :) so the most complex bend i made so far is...

    two 45'son the run with aswooparound the corner at a different off set to two refridgeration 90's in a "uie"designed to let two completely different sets of closely spaced "T's" to go "by" i just love this gizmo *~/:)
  • ScottMP
    ScottMP Member Posts: 5,884
    Really Nice HR

    Great looking work.

    Have you ever had a problems with the t-drill ? Every time I look at it it seems like such a small joint. What type of brazing did you do, I mean what type of rod ?

    Ilove the job.


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