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condensor split

The term "split" is typically used to indicate a difference in temperature between two locations in an air conditioning system.

For example, the evaporator split is the temperature difference between the air before the evaporator coil and the air after the coil.

The term delta-t is also used.

When we refer to the "delts-t ACROSS an evaporator coil", we mean the same thing as those who refer to it as an evaporator split.

However, the term "delta-t OF the evaporator coil" refers to the difference between the return air and the boiling temperature of the refrigerant in the evaporator coil.

Hope this helps.


  • Jeff_80
    Jeff_80 Member Posts: 1
    AC question

    I'm just learning A/C Schooling, Could someone explain the definition of condenser splitand what it relates to. Thanks Jeff
  • will smith_4
    will smith_4 Member Posts: 259

    Jeff- Whenever I refer to a split system, I take it to mean a system with an air-handler/furnace/evaporator combined with a seperate condenser; as opposed to a roof-top/packaged unit in which both evap and condenser are contained in one unit.
  • Wayne_16
    Wayne_16 Member Posts: 130
    seperating the condenser coils for cleaning

    Jeff some manufacturers make their condenser coils with 2 or more thinner coils formed as 1 coil. The refrigeration piping is joined at one end of the coil. The other end is fastened together with screws or clips along with the mounting screws, brackets etc. This stacking of coils works okay for air flow and limiting space on larger tonage units.

    The problem comes when the coils need to be cleaned. Just cleaning them from both sides, forces the dirt/debris to the center, where you cannot reach or remove with water, coil cleaner, co2 etc. The proper way to clean the coils is to seperate each coil, clean as normal and then reassemble the unit.

    Take your time to seperate the coils, so as not to break a refrigeration line. Some units can be difficult to seperate and then what to do with the condener fan that is in the way?

    Good luck
  • Techman
    Techman Member Posts: 2,144

    Morning! Are you refering to a 20/20 split on the evap coil ?? Which is what you get from your gauges when you hook them up to the cond unit.Is this what you are asking about?Enjoy your day!Or are you asking about head press /ambient split?
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