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Big difference?

... I'm installing some more temp sensors tonight, take the hood off the air handler and note an interesting instruction on the air coil in it. As the air coil is built for upflow/downflow/sideflow, it was built with two drain pans, one for the horizontal config, the other for the vertical one.

The instructions to the installer enlighten how to configure the coil for optimum performance for each orientation. For a vertical upflow, the instructions call to remove the horizontal drain pan. This was not done.

Does anyone have an idea how much of an impact this would have on airflow/performance? Presumably, Lennox wouldn't make it's installers jump through hoops for nothing?

From the looks of it, the vertical drain pan is nested inside the horizontal one. I presume this means that there is no way of removing the horizontal drain pan other than by sliding the air coil out (along with the drain pans). As long as the air coil is attached to the piping, I suppose this is a non-starter?



  • Plumdog_2
    Plumdog_2 Member Posts: 873
    how did you get stuck with so many losers

    I have been reading your posts about your major remodel project for some time now. How is it that you of all people end up with so many screw-ups? It is like a nightmare. If I lived near Boston I would kick some ****. Don't those guys have any training? Do they ever read the friggin' instructions?
  • clammy
    clammy Member Posts: 2,637
    hort,vert pans

    There are many units that come with a vert and hort drain pans installed in the air handlers and in all the years of doing a/c about 20 and all the companies i have worked for i can not remenber 1 time of removing the extra drain pan ,i don't be;ieve it would effect air flow or coil performce at all ,some companies coils and pans are a extreme pia to remove and re install in the a/h installation ends up bunching up and well you end up removing it to get the coil in ,lennox is not the only one first co ,rheem and well most a/h come set up for vert or hort and with a matter of removing and spinning the coil for left or right hort application .So i would not take it as a sign of some one doing anything wrong nor a act of lainess in fact in alot of cases removal of the a secondary or extra pan would in some cases allow air to by pass the coil .Just take a look at a vertical A coil and it's large pan the pan really does not cut off air to the coil .Don,t worry i see no promblem with it .Peace and good luck clammy
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    Mahwah, NJ
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  • Constantin
    Constantin Member Posts: 3,782
    Is it worth it?

    I've simply gotten used to finding detail issues unaddressed. The installers got many of the big picture items right, but it would be nice if they would return phone calls e-mails, etc. when it comes to addressing ongoing issues (like missing manuals, organ piping when the two biggest zones are calling for cooling, etc.)

    For me, the basement air handler is an excellent example of getting a project 90% right. Some day, I hope to have someone over to pitch the coil pan properly (to avoid standing water) and then most of these issues ought to go away (a dry pan doesn't breed anything). At that time, I will also look to get two drain pan switches installed to prevent the same flooding we had before.

    If we ever have an issue with the coil or the condenser, it'll be a great opportunity to clean the coil, get the extra pan out of the way and plumb a less clog-prone drain. Not that high on the priority list if the evap works otherwise.

    Between now and the end of the season, I hope to have an independent contractor go over the system and verify pressures, charges, and anything else that needs to be looked over with the attention to detail that my installers apparently lacked.
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