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Radiant in floor vs Radiators

hr Member Posts: 6,106
Personally I prefer radiators or baseboard in sleeping rooms, not much need for warm floors with the furnishings and amount of time spent in those rooms, on the floor :)

Most bedrooms are carpet, another of my peevews with radiant floors.

Plus panel rads or BB is quick to respond for night and daytime setback schedules.

Radiant ceiling would be another option that may be able to run the same fluid temperatures as your lower floors. Probabaly need a higher tempersature to drive baseboard or panels, not the best match for condensing boiler temperatures.

hot rod

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  • peep
    peep Member Posts: 4
    Radiant in floor vs Radiators

    we have a decision to make re heating our house. we have radiant in floor on the 1st floor and are considering either radiators or radiant in floor on the second floor. the heat source is a condensing boiler. Any votes on which to use?

  • Radiant ceiling. Cheaper than radiators, better heat, low temp for the condensing boiler.

    course if you have "cathedral" or peaked ceilings that may not be a good choice.
  • Terry Larsell
    Terry Larsell Member Posts: 54

    What is the detail for your ceiling installs.

    I put radiators in the upstairs of a spec home and no one seems to impressed with them except me. Where do I put the furniture was a common response. To bad it's in the 90s around here, I think they would appreciate the feel if I could actually turn them on.


  • Here You Go:

    Edit: that's 16"o.c., simply doubling up on strapping that was already going in for the drywallers. Insulate above of course.

    Siggy prefers a polyiso backer instead of the strapping, but I tend to feel that if you insulate well above the assembly, I'm content, and this detail seems to perform quite well. Those are 9" wide plates, btw. We figure about 30 BTUs/sq ft out of it at 115 at a ten degree drop, you could push higher with a tighter on center, but we rarely have to.

    Gotta watch surface temps on low ceilings though, don't want to cook anyone's heads!
  • Joe_76
    Joe_76 Member Posts: 34

    WHat size of Kitec are you using?
  • Ted_9
    Ted_9 Member Posts: 1,718

    Hey Rob, dontyou ever worry that the rockers will put a screw in the pex since you are so close to the strapping?

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  • It's 3" strapping, and it's the regular 16" o.c. they expect. So we haven't had a sheetrock hit the pipe on straight runs yet.

    However we did have a hit on a bend once.

    Frankly it seems to be a lot safer from the drywallers than it normally is from the flooring guys!
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