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replacement T-stat for old honeywell series 10 gas valve

Thanks Bob,
An retired steam fitter advised me of the same thing.


  • steve pajek
    steve pajek Member Posts: 28
    replacement T-stat for old honeywell series 10 gas valve

    Are their any????
  • carol_3
    carol_3 Member Posts: 397

    Bob (who wrote all that wonderful detail under the series 80 and 90 topic), what do you think? I didn't even know there had been a series 10 until you wrote about it!
  • steve_6
    steve_6 Member Posts: 243
    gas valve

    It's an antique. A motorized gas valve with a black cover and a manual lever to let the gas still flow during a power outage
  • bob_50
    bob_50 Member Posts: 306

    I would replace the gas valve. That valve has a leather diaphragm in it. However to replace a series 10 stat with a series 80 stat like a T87 there are three wires on the series 10 stat red, blue and white. Disconnect the wires from the series 10 stat. Pay close attention to what terminals they came off. Take the wire that came off the red terminal and tape it up, connect the wires that came off blue and white to the new stat, any order. BE SURE AND CHECK THE FUNCTION OF ALL LIMITS AND SAFETIES. bob P.S. there are oil cups on that valve to lubricate the motor and gear train. Honeywell makes special oil, Carol could probably hook you up
  • carol_3
    carol_3 Member Posts: 397

    Don't have hopes for any special oil. So far as I know, Honeywell isn't in the oil biz (anymore?)
  • Spudwrench
    Spudwrench Member Posts: 47

    I'm just a homeowner, but we used to have a series 10 on our old gravity furnace. It began leaking gas...any gas valve which relies on leather as a sealing material is a huge potential liability. After I disassembled that old valve out of curiosity, I felt pretty lucky to have made it through one heating season with it alive. The seating surfaces of the valve were shot too. It _was_ a pretty neat piece of mechanism, and made that funny "Vwwzip" noise as the gear train cycles. Bob's right- put the old valve aside for the museum, and install something modern. Just respectfully adding my $.02....


  • The Honeywell Oil is called

    FINOL and may still be available at:

    Automatic Heating

    400 Charles Street

    Providence, RI 02904


    I stiil have a can in my truck which I have had for over 30 years.

    Many of those V-155 (Series 10) and V-855 (Series 80) Motorized gas valves are still working. They really built them good. We used to actually take them apart and replace the diaphragms until liability became an issue. I still have some parts for some of them.

    I agree with the others as safety becomes an issue with these old valves. So it may be time to recontrol or install a new heating system.
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