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Where did we get crude oil in 2004

TedTed Posts: 1,718Member
I just stumbled on to this:

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  • S EbelsS Ebels Posts: 2,322Member
    Let's see

    Maybe I can copy it here. That's interesting.

    Rank Country of Origin Thousand Barrels/day
    1 Canada 1,616
    2 Mexico 1,598
    3 Saudi Arabia 1,495
    4 Venezuela 1,297
    5 Nigeria 1,078
    6 Iraq 655
    7 Angola 306
    8 Kuwait 241
    9 United Kingdom 238
    10 Ecuador 232
    11 Algeria 215
    12 Russia 158
    13 Norway 143
    14 Colombia 142
    15 Gabon 142
    16 Argentina 59
    17 Brazil 51
    18 Trinidad and Tobago 49
    19 Indonesia 34
    20 Australia 21
    21 Libya 18
    22 Cameroon 18
    23 Guatemala 18
    24 Malaysia 18
    25 Brunei 15
    26 China, People’s Republic of 14
    27 Congo (Kinshasa) * 14
    28 Oman 10
    29 Congo (Brazzaville) 8
    30 United Arab Emirates 5
    31 Ivory Coast 5
    32 Qatar 4
    33 Yemen 4
    34 Denmark 2
    35 Peru 1
    36 Syria 1
    37 Thailand 1
    Other 158
    Total 10,088
    Persian Gulf ** 2,400

    Includes crude oil imported for storage in the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

    * Formerly Zaire
    **Includes Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates.

    Just for something to ruminate on............Add up the barrels we get per day from countries that don't especially like us and/or countries that are unstable. You can begin to see why crude jumps a couple bucks when someone in the MidEast "sneezes".
  • Maine DougMaine Doug Posts: 18Member
    Here is the chart

    in pdf
  • GMcDGMcD Posts: 477Member
    And think about this

    Although Canada ranks up at the top, mainly due to the bitumen being added up as "reserves" in Ft. McMurray, I ask you to follow the money. China is investing heavily in the Canadian petroleum industry and especially Alberta and the Tar Sands. Now picture China in a few years as an economic engine like the US is/was, and what do you think China might do if it's petroleum supplies, that they invested in, become disrupted by some political shenanigans in Canada/US. Picture Canada and the US as a new middle east with India and China scrapping over the resources....Things that make me go "Hmmmm" in the night.
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