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Just did The Advanced Prestige Training Yesterday....Boilerpro

Boilerpro_3 Member Posts: 1,231
The more I know about these boilers, the more I like them.

429 Stainless instead of 316
All welded heat exchanger, no O rings or sealants needed.
P/S not necessary on all installations, due to low pressure drop in heat exchanger.
Modulation is PID controlled for more stability versus proportional only control.
Modulation is full, not in steps.
Can run down to about 1% O2 and remain stable
Can Be used with setback thermostats due to control operation.
Reset curve can be adjusted to a nearly infinite variety of configurations within the hi and low limit points so you don't have to just a pick a curve that seems closest. Resembles tekmar in flexibility, with a tighter band of extremes.
Standard typical repair parts across the different sizes.
NTC sensor input available for DHW indirect.
Control of external mix valve for two temp systems (to come)

They've also added the MINIsmart that provides 3GPM at 70F rise so there is now a low cost sidearm available for installations that are budget tight.

There is also more to come on the control

I've got 4 in now without any problems and others here have alot in with no problems. We may have a condensor here that harkens back to cast iron in terms of robustness, reliablity, and life expectancy, at a competitive price.



  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    Cool! Huh? :)

    Me extremely like the Triangle Tube:) Have you taken a peek at the Caleffi control systems...These too ,very sharp item:)
  • Jerry_15
    Jerry_15 Member Posts: 379

    I especially like the ease of flue installation. No need to balance it like some other brands. I can even run the flue straight up through the existing garage roof jack with a goose neck and take combustion air from inside. Good stuff.
  • Plumdog_2
    Plumdog_2 Member Posts: 873
    Made in Belgium

    Just attended a 2 hr debriefing on these and I like them. The control is right there with all the goods. No high head across the heat exchanger. Self scouring.
  • Ross_7
    Ross_7 Member Posts: 577

    I am anxiously awaiting to install my first Prestige for an upcoming boiler changeout. :-)
  • Supply House Rick
    Supply House Rick Member Posts: 1,404
    Prestige Sales

    They are selling well here. No problems yet. This seems like a solid well made boiler that includes Outdoor Reset Control in the box.
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