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Oil Burner Comparison & Differences

EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 15,353
Beckett and Carlin are similar burners-some prefer 1 over the other-one may work better in a particular boiler than the other and they use some of the same parts.

Riello is a little different burner-no doubt about it's quality-works great in some applications-has different pumps and different parts-probably more proprietary parts than the other two.



  • Patchogue Phil_30
    Patchogue Phil_30 Member Posts: 11
    Oil Burner Comparison & Differences

    I am only familiar with Beckett residential oil burners. I have worked on them, taken them apart, replaced rods, nozzles, filters.

    What differences are there between residential Beckett, Carlin and Riello oil burners?

    Are they pretty much the same in cost for a given application or are there big price differences?
  • Jim_47
    Jim_47 Member Posts: 244
    oil burner selection

    Your question is an interesting one. I find it entertaining when someone compares apples and oranges.
    I can purchase two Beckett burners and put them side by side, these burners will both do the same job. BUT ...
    Options son Options.
    Motors, Oil pumps, Ignition style, Primary control, and Delay solinoids are a few of the parameters that will decide prices and reliablity of an oil burner. Select the wrong burner and it may never pull the oil from your underground tank. Select the correct options and your Pager or cell phone will call you at work to inform you the Primary control has tripped out on safety.
    All 3 burners you mention are quality built equipment. All three have their place in my heart.
    I had a customer that called around for estimates for a new boiler. One company was doing a swap out. Another a floor to ceiling replacement. One had a steel boiler the other a cast iron. Of the 7 estimates he got he had no two using the same combinations of boilers and burners.
    He told me that the High priced guy was a crook and that the low priced guy was a fly by night guy. After reviewing the entire job I found they were both right on with their estimates and my estimate was in the seven.
    The customer failed to state what equipment he was looking for and what he was trying to accomplish.

    Ford, Chevy, Dodge, Cast, or Steel, Oil delay and/or two stage, PSC or old school motor. Its all preference and options. As far as Riello, Carlin and Beckett? I like and use them all.

    I find consumers spend countless hours on selecting a car, TV or computer, but spend no time in selecting boiler or burner options.

    Unrelated but equally as important, how many gallons of gas do you run through your car in a year? About the same gallon of fuel usage for the heating system in your home?
    The STATE requires you to have you car inspected to keep you safe on the road.That way you have the basic safety equipment to help you from harming others. I cannot wait until the state requires you to have and PROVE your heating system is inspected annualy by a qualified testing agency or service. THis might keep people from harming them or their children with CO or scalding burns etc.
    (sorry for the rant)

  • I prefer Riello whenever I have a gravity fed oil line (no lift required) Bennefits of Riello, The burner uses less electricity with the primary operating on a rectified DC current.

    Related, the Riello ignotor fires for one second during ignition, and has a 5 second safetly timing which also reduces electic consumption as well as adds a measure of safety against the homeowner pressing the reset button a dozen times.

    I like the reliability of Riello parts. I stock one small tool box with one of each Riello part, and I rarely need to dip into it compared to the three to four shelves of Beckett/Carlin parts.

    I like that the Riello Jet line is a steel on steel thread and doesnt strip like the nozzle assemblies of Beckett and Carlin.

    I like that the entire burners electrical system can be checked with a multi-meter in under three minutes from the sub-base.

    I like its quiet operation with that cover that also protects the burner parts.

    Theres alot I like about the Riello, and very little I dont like. The only real problem with Riello is that their pump is not designed for lift. So for lift applications I will either install a lift pump with a reservoir, or choose a burner that I can mount a suntec pump spec'ed for the lift requirements.

    If I choose a burner other than Riello, I usually choose the Carlin EZ series.

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  • Patchogue Phil_29
    Patchogue Phil_29 Member Posts: 121
    Apples and oranges? Macintosh and Granny Smith?


    You've said a lot and I appreciate that you took time to respond. But .... I still have the same question: what differences are there between the oil burners? I am talking about just the gun itself. Not the whole boiler package.

    Maybe I can expand further my query. Often I hear or read about different oil fired boiler setups and a statement is made along the lines "but it has a Riello burner", alluding that the Riello is "better" than a Beckett.

    What makes a Riello "better"? Are they built better? Longer lasting? Do they atomize the fuel oil better? Are they mechanically very different in some way?

  • Patchogue Phil_29
    Patchogue Phil_29 Member Posts: 121

    Ah, you replied while I was typing back to Jim.

    Thanks for the info Norm. This is along the lines of what I wanted to know.

  • Ragu_4
    Ragu_4 Member Posts: 44

    In 11 years I have replaced 1 Riello primary and 1 Riello pump. I couldn't even guess how much stuff I've had to replace on other brands. 'Nuff said.
  • Ron Schroeder
    Ron Schroeder Member Posts: 998
    I would say

    go with which ever burner your servce company knows and prefers, a great running Beckett or Carlin is better than a half set up Riello anyday, there are however some Boilers that only recomend only one burner and that is what I would stick with
  • Patchogue Phil_29
    Patchogue Phil_29 Member Posts: 121
    I hear ya

    Bruce. But there is nothing wrong with wanting the best equipment AND the best installation & service.

    I am just doing my homework, trying to learn about different brands and their applications/pecularities. So that when I am evaluating installers and systems I'll have some knowledge to help make decisions.

    Luckily (hopefully) there are more than one qualified service and installation companies and they will not all just install one brand of equipment.

  • Ron Schroeder
    Ron Schroeder Member Posts: 998

    15 years ago I would of said that Riello was number one but in the past few years Beckett and Carlin have been doing their homework to catch up, and in MHO they have
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