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Oil tank sources?

Terry_14 Member Posts: 209
You may have a code that only allows a limited storage in a basement.

Sure be a shame to spend money only to fail an inspection.



  • Steven Murray
    Steven Murray Member Posts: 17
    Oil tank sources?

    I've currently got an underground, 1000 gallon tank. For a variety of reasons, including the fact that it's in the way of a home improvement/construction project, I'd like to switch to indoor tank(s). The problem is, the only way into the basement is from the inside, basement stairs, which are severely limiting the dimensions I can accommodate (the door at the top is tucked away in a corner); there's no Bilco door, and the basement windows are very small. There's plenty of room down there, just limited access.

    Anyone know a source for non-standard dimension tanks, or tanks that can be assembled in-place, or tanks that are somehow flexible, etc.? I know I haven't got a prayer of maintaining the 1000 gallon capacity level, but I'd like to keep the total around 500 gallons. That's not a requirement, just a wish. If I could get them to fit through the door at the top of the stairs, I'd put 2 standard 275 gallon tanks down there and call it done.

  • Ron Schroeder
    Ron Schroeder Member Posts: 998

    I have put many tanks down cellar stairs as long as you have 28", you may need to take door off the hinges, another thought are Roth oil tanks should last longer before replacement is nesassary. You can also have custom tanks made by a local welder.
  • Dan Goodridge
    Dan Goodridge Member Posts: 62

    You could gang 3 165 gallon roth tanks-- Here is a link to the website
  • J.C.A._3
    J.C.A._3 Member Posts: 2,981
    You can also try....

    Granby Tanks. They make everything from 139 gal. 1/2 tanks (28"X44"X30"),a 225 gal.tank (22"X44"X60") and they have some smaller 110 gallon round tanks, which are the same size as 2 55 galon drums welded together, but made from 12 gauge steel.

    I don't know where you are, but F.W.Webb carries the line. Good luck and thank you for removing the underground tank. Chris
  • Nick L. in Vt
    Nick L. in Vt Member Posts: 87
    buried tatanka-biiig tatanka

    my uncle just had a 1000 excavated, in thier place, they laid a concrete foundation and set two horizontal 275 ga tanks. they built thier kitchen above that. think off the reservation tatanka.

    They call me cheif "Hot Pipe"
  • Steven Murray
    Steven Murray Member Posts: 17
    Yes and no

    Actually, no and yes. It's not just the width of the door, it's the fact that the door basically opens into an area the size of a closet.

    The 110 gallon Roth tanks look very promising. Thank you so much for pointing me in that direction. I have to say, I've been googling for replacement tanks on and off for years, and their site has never shown up on the radar. They should really look at modifying their site to improve their search ranking.
  • Steven Murray
    Steven Murray Member Posts: 17
    Again, yes and no

    Actually, the 165 gallon tanks won't work, because the elevated concrete slab shelf in the basement, which seems in all other respects the perfect location, would raise the tanks too much to meet the height requirement.

    OTOH, the 110 gallon tanks look as close to ideal as I think I'm going to find. I think I have just enough room to gang 5 of them.

    Thanks for the url. Like I said in another post, they really need to work on improving their search ranking.
  • Steven Murray
    Steven Murray Member Posts: 17
    ballpark cost estimate?

    Can anyone give me a rough idea how much the 110 gallon Roth tanks cost? I'm thinking about ganging as many as 5 of them. TIA.
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