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Cleaning Coils

I ran into a McQuay heatpump in the ceiling of a commercial kitchen that has a dirty gummy evap. coil. To give it an acid bath is out of the question and blowing it out with air just isn't doing it. Any thoughts on a save effective way to clean it down would be appreciated......Thanks, DAN


  • Eugene Silberstein
    Eugene Silberstein Member Posts: 1,380
    Cleaning the Evaporator

    From my personal experience, I have never been successful at cleaning AC equipment located in commercial kitchens as long as the kitchen is occupied by the establishment employees. It seems that someone always needs to get past you or they keep asking you how much longer you are going to be.

    Inevitably, I always found myself rushing to complete the job, which never seemed to get done 100%.

    The best time to do the job is aftr the restaurant has closed, when you have the time to work slowly and deliberately.

    Visit this company, as I have had great success with their line of coil cleaners.
  • Rookie_3
    Rookie_3 Member Posts: 244

    Thanks Prof., some of the products look like they are worth giving them a shot. The self rinsing foam would be ideal for this location.

    You hit the kitchen routine right on the money, if I got a dime for every time my ladder got bumped I could have retired. I think they kept offering me something to eat or drink just to get me out of the way. I was there for a clogged condensate line that had backed up but the coil definately needs some attention......Dan
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