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Golden opportunity for A/C guys

Constantin Member Posts: 3,782
... German consultants are among the highest paid in the world... now they're facing competition from abroad, as companies don't care where you come from, they just care that you're brilliant, knowledgable, etc. there Monday morning in the AM, and gone when the project is over.

Thus, I'd argue that the professionals have more to lose in this battle than the so-called "blue-collars". It's not as if anyone will fly in a Polish plumber in for a midnight leak in the water system... Consultants, Architects, Engineers, etc. are a different matter. The same thing is happening in the US, BTW, with a lot of R&D being shifted abroad due to the lower costs over there.

BTW, the Polish tourism board turned this around and is advertising in France with billboards that sport the same picture of a plumber, etc. along the lines of "I'm staying here, why don't you come and visit?"


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