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Steam to hot water conversion

Dale Member Posts: 1,317
So clean as usual. Really nice job. I have a few questions since I happen to like the conversions. What kind of convectors were already in place? Old cast iron rads? How did you connect to them? How many zones did you end up with? Looked like 4 to me as the bock looked like a stand alone. What temp was the heat designed for 160 or 180? Will be interesting if you can get the fuel use per degree day if your company also sells the oil. I bet she saves 30% The pex runs make so much sense in a job like this. Oh, how is your place coming? I may have missed the update.


  • I know

    that phrase is verboten , but here was the situation -

    This install was for a recently widowed lady with 5 kids . She told me she loved the steam heat , but with all the additions to the home and zoning the basement , apartment , 1st and 2nd floors a priority , this was the best way to go . Also , the basement was finished , so adding anything to a buried steam main would be real tough .

    What a mess this Peerless steamer was - copper header to bull headed steam mains , the equalizer was under sized and in the wrong spot , pipes all over criss-crossed , and the boiler was in the middle of this tiny boiler room .
  • The lady requested

    a Weil Mclain Gold , and it was a fine choice . We used Slant Fin pex for the long runs to the baseboard and it shaved off hours of work compared to using soft or hard copper and sweating fittings . We repiped the heater flue also , but that's on it's way out very soon . The last pic is of the room we worked in . Spacious compared to most homes around here .
  • gerry gill
    gerry gill Member Posts: 3,010
    much as it pains me,

    to see one less steamer around, in this case its a definite always, very nice work..the government ought to hire you for your skill at correcting disasters..

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  • jeff_51
    jeff_51 Member Posts: 545
    as usual Ron, a top notch job

    you do us all proud with your work
  • Jeff Lawrence_24
    Jeff Lawrence_24 Member Posts: 593
    The expansion tank's upside down!

    Oh, it's just the label. Okay.

    Fine work Ron. Congratulations on another fine job.


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  • Al Corelli
    Al Corelli Member Posts: 454

    Another beauty, Ron!
  • ScottMP
    ScottMP Member Posts: 5,884
    Another nice install Pal

    Hope you have a great fourth of July.

    Keep up the great work.


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  • Yeah

    I wish they'd ship the tanks with the label off so I can hang em right side up . I tried to peel the sticker off once ...... big mistake . Thanks alot Jeff .
  • At this home

    there were 2 standup rads , 2 built in convectors and one piece of steam baseboard . No heat in the basement or the 2nd floor . We took all that old junk out and installed Argo baseboard . The original boiler was steam and there was a zone of baseboard heat off the coil . We ended up with 4 zones total . We designed the heat for 180 temp , and the aquastat will keep the boiler around 110 degrees till a call for heat . I really don't like to cold start a neoprene gasketed boiler .

    Thanks for remembering about my home Dale . If we don't get soaked out this weekend , I'm going to replace the sill on the right side of the house . I'll take pics of this project , I'm suprised the house is still standing . Thanks Dale .
  • The gov't can have me

    as long as I get to charge them $7000 to change toilet lids ( I think that's how the story went ) . Before I started sawzalling the header , I was thinking how to repipe the steam to make it work right . Old habits die hard . Thanks Gerry .
  • Thank you Jeff and Al

    I can't take all the credit . Sal and Danny were there for the 1st day . Sal , 2 Phils , Tony and Danny on the 2nd . And Sal + Kenny for the wrap up on the 3rd day .
  • I got my po' mans fireworks

    Lit up Brillo pads on hangers and flaming marshmallows . Life is great . Thanks alot Scott and have a great 4th also .
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