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Staple-up zone controlled by TRV...

Rocky_2 Member Posts: 89
12 Buderus panel rads on a "home-run" system with 1/2" MultiCor and with TRV's on constant circ to heat the house. Kitchen has no place to put a panel rad and do not want to use a toe kick heater. Also do not want to put in motorized zone valve or electric thermostats. Want it all to be self-regulating via TRV's. Thought about doing a little staple up under kitchen floor for floor warming. Does Danfoss or anybody make a slim sensor I can put in the plywood floor that reports back to a TRV installed on the two-loop manifold to regulate the kitchen floor warming? I thought about cutting a little groove in the plywood floor, inserting the sensor, and running the capillary back to the TRV on the manifold in the crawlspace. Could not find a slim type sensor on Danfoss' web site, only wall mount style. Don't want the kitchen staple up to run wild as I am afraid of overheating. Also, don't want to go to the expense of installing a mixing device and pumps etc to temper the staple up with outdoor reset. Boiler (Buderus 115-21) will be reset (resat?) with tekmar 260. Would really like to find a way it could all be done with TRV's and the one boiler pump with one water temp coming out of the reset boiler. What say ye? What are some non-electric alternatives? How do I sense the floor temp non-electrically? C'mon Wallies, I KNOW someone has done this before.
Warm regards from smokey Fairbanks (forest fires are rampant again this summer and smoke just hit town today...Yuck!)


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