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News from Slant/Fin

DanHolohan Member, Moderator, Administrator Posts: 16,544
New full-featured

Greenvale, N.Y.....Slant/Fin's new Intrepid cast iron oil boilers are
engineered to provide superb performance, even during extreme seasonal
operating conditions.

Intrepid is specially contoured combustion chamber is computer designed to
support stable combustion. The uniquely configured heat exchanger has one of
the lowest draft losses in the industry. Burners are configured for each
specific model to provide smooth, clean, efficient operation. These
characteristics combine to ensure a robust flame that is virtually
unaffected by reduced draft as well as by low oil temperature and low air

Intrepid is a full-featured oil boiler with models in hot water and steam
with options for tankless heaters. There are 9 sizes, from 0.75 to 3.35 GPM,
including 86% AFUE Energy Star models.

For superb performance and easy service, Intrepid boilers include a
swing-out, lift-off burner door, speedy top access cleaning, stainless steel
tankless heater bolts, front and rear return tappings and return tee for
additional zones. Every burner is fully combustion tested at the factory.

The Intrepid series includes TRDV direct vent hot water models, ideal for
installations without a chimney. They are available with or without a
tankless heater, and feature AFUEs to 87.2%.
Retired and loving it.


  • John Cockerill
    John Cockerill Member Posts: 94

    You know I'd like to wire that one up.

    John Cockerill Exquisite Heat
  • Al Gregory
    Al Gregory Member Posts: 260

    How can I sell a SlantFin boiler when Home Depot sells them to Home Owners. I dont know one professional around here that would touch one. Slant Fin should stop selling to HD and start working with the people that can install them safely and up to code.
  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    They look good. i wanted 5 of them with riellos....

    nice black box and they look sorta patriotic and colour co ordinated all at one time *~/:) oh well,.... my buddy didnt order them for me until last week. i may be incorrect buh i think they arent making the old ones any more...at least they arent in the price book ...
  • joe coppola
    joe coppola Member Posts: 2
    Intrepid boilers, NOT at Home Depot

    Slant/Fin does not sell anything to Home Depot. Wholesalers do. We never have.

    The Intrepid Boler is not being sold by Home Depot, it is a contractor item only, it is not available to those wholesalers who sell to Home Depot.

    Just about every other product you see in their store is bought direct from the manufacturer. Slant/Fin is not!

    Joe Coppola,
    Boiler Marketing Manager,
    Slant/Fin Corp.
  • Al Gregory
    Al Gregory Member Posts: 260

    I know of a wholesaler that was looking for a new line to carry and we talked about SlantFin and the conversation quickly changed to another brand because of HD.. I personally like the SlantFin boiler but can't sell them around here because the customer says isnt that the one at Home Depot for x amount of money. I know what your saying but you should protect your name more by not allowing HD to sell them. I remember installing the old Malibou series years ago. Still some around here. Even though HD cant sell that modelIts harder to sell a SlantFin boiler here than anyother boiler Even boilers that aren't as good. Please get them out of HD.
  • DanHolohan
    DanHolohan Member, Moderator, Administrator Posts: 16,544

    what Joe's saying is that they DON'T sell to HD; the wholesalers do. I don't know how a boiler manufacturer could force a wholesaler to not sell their product to whomever the wholesaler choses once they've bought and paid for the stuff. Probably be against the law to try.

    Retired and loving it.
  • JeffD
    JeffD Member Posts: 41


    What is the difference between the Intrepid and Liberty series? I have a Liberty series boiler in my own home, put it in this past winter. Very nice boiler. We replaced our scorched hot air system with this boiler and have been very impressed with the comfort and fuel savings we achieved this past winter. I do realize that the liberty series was the one available at Home Depot, but we bought ours through my HVAC supply house, even though it cost a little more. I like to support my local wholesaler. I personally think people should get over the fact that they are available on the retail market. The majority of the DIYers out there won't atempt a boiler install anyways. Just wanted to let you know that Slant/Fin makes a fine boiler, plus it's made in the United States. It feels great to support American jobs.

  • Al Gregory
    Al Gregory Member Posts: 260

    He said himself that this boiler wont be in HD, if they can keep this one out they can keep the other one out also.. I noticed that Lowes is selling HB Smith now Its got a stainless steel jacket and is called Hydrotherm. Wont be installing any of them in the near future either. In my opinion stores like HD hurt our trade I understand that not many DIYers are going to buy boilers and install them themsleves but the prices are there for them to see. Many times cheaper than the wholesalers. If Slant Fin didnt want their boilers in HD they wouldnt be there.
    It's hard enough nowadays trying to keep business going without having to compete with HD. SlantFin and other boiler companies should decide if they are a contractors friend or HD's friend. Can't be both IMHO
  • Al Gregory
    Al Gregory Member Posts: 260

    Sorry to stir things up Dan if you want me to shut up say so Its your site. This is just a sore subject with me. HD is one of the reasons I wont buy Honeywell controls anymore or Taco circs if I can get other brands. These manufacturers could stop this cold. I'm tired of getting emergency calls in the middle of the night from HO's that bought their own parts at HD and tried to fix their own boilers. It should be against the law to sell HO's this stuff. When someone dies from installing their own water heater they got at HD and didnt vent it and used a piece of garden hose and clamps for the gas connection then maybe something will be done.
  • Kal Row
    Kal Row Member Posts: 1,520
    SlantFin make some of the best boilers...

    i dont worry about HD, if your install can't add value to the customer - you might concider another line of work, cause if the customer wants - they can buy anything including those exclusive "muntchkins" - what has HD got to do with your ability, isn't that's what the customer is paying for???!!!
  • clammy
    clammy Member Posts: 3,113
    HD and slant fin

    Sad to say i've seen a number of slant fin boilers installed by a general contractor and brough from a HD and these where 300,000 btu unit .These installs where the worst in recent times that i have witnessed and i would not service them because of totally below par installation with circs on the supply but using a zone valve mounted on the pumps discharge as the circ relay by using the end switch on the zone valve .i believe the contractor did not know what a circ relay was .After seeing this i was asked to che4ck another job that did not work and much to my amazement again i saw 3 slant fin sitting all around a existing steam boiler that was decommished and who's header was cut with some of the branches attached to the hot water boilers i was totally amazed how some one or any one would even think it would work .Not to kick at slant fin but there oil boilers flue passes are amoung the tightest i ever tryed to clean and on a cold start they seem to really get dirty quick but then again i did not install them and was only there to service them it se4ems alot of plumber love to install them but do not service them which is good for them but sucks for everybody who has to .ps why are there not clear cut instruction which state to make sure that the top be left with clearances to remove the top and flue collector to clean i often get tried of prying the top past the tight piping to clean .Sorry about the rant but i wouldn't install i slant fin oil even if it was given to me free and carred in to the basement .my opion peace clammy
    R.A. Calmbacher L.L.C. HVAC
    NJ Master HVAC Lic.
    Mahwah, NJ
    Specializing in steam and hydronic heating
  • Kal Row
    Kal Row Member Posts: 1,520
    there are bad installs with every brand of boiler out there...

    personally i have seen the most bad installs with the larrs ebp - not a bad boiler - and not sold at HD, but almost always installed in a closet with no clearance whatsoever - no cold water restrictor, and really, really bad flue work – laars recently made some changes to the boiler because of this – they also fixed all the common failure items – like the water flow switch, control board, and the mixing valve

    floyd and me helped a guy here on the wall last year with and incredibly atrocious weil-mclain ULTRA install – and recently I did a diagram for a plumber doing a dual ultra install where the HO did his own radiant in concrete and is buying the ULTRA boilers himself, the plumber just did the manifolds and the domestic water/sewer for the house that has to pass inspection, the inspector is not even looking at the heating system

    it is unprofessional to blame a boiler or HD for an inability to sell a professional install’s added value – manufactures too have to feed a bunch of mouths – they HAVE to sell boilers, and with the current housing boom – there simply aren’t enough heating professionals to go around – hence manufactures are catering to GC installs - look at the revolution by burnham (boi-nam in Brooklyn-ese) – it’s got primary /secondary inside so they don’t have to worry about a GC screwing it up – condensing boiler manufactures ought to ship them with a taco-twin-tee in the box with a nice big “read this first” pictorial pri/sec diagram attached to it,

    all the boycotting and ranting is not going to even make a dent in the economic reality – so get over it – make the customer pay to fix the bum install later – take pictures – show it to future clients before they have the gc do the heating system

    as for slan-fin’s tightness – reality again, tons of them go into levittown like homes with a boiler closet under the stairs – it simply has to fit – and their new intrepid line, runs real clean, quiet, and efficient – they even have a sealed combustion version, but brand is favoritism is really all nonsense I have successfully installed and serviced practically every major US type – whatever the customer wants – though I would still love to get my hands on a vie$$mann or a Buderus
  • heatingman
    heatingman Member Posts: 5
    Galaxy GG series boiler( Removal of draft hood?)

    When I was called for a no heat problem because of some wiring problems on a relatively new system I also noticed the Galaxy boiler GG 225 HEDP was missing the draft hood. I am guessing because of space height because the boiler is in an attic the installer decided to remove the draft hood. Did Slant-Fin approve of this installation?
  • Kal Row
    Kal Row Member Posts: 1,520
    why is stupidiy slant's fault???...

    thank god it's in an attic and the co is getting sucked out,

    like i always say, if darwin was even a little right, the "process of natural selection", would have selected out stupidity from the human gene pool a long time ago
  • Bob Eh?_2
    Bob Eh?_2 Member Posts: 42

    Since the intervention of politics (and the miraid fallout that has accompanied them) there has been a swing in the effect of the theory that has caused us to be "making bigger and better idiots". Over a very long time I would expect it to swing back the other way again when there are no longer enough of us with tangible skills to keep the lights on, we have created unimagined disease, or consumed/destroyed the resources required to sustain the system....

    Mind you the competition with the cockroaches may turn out to be the final straw.....

    I just laugh when someone muses "I think some village has lost their idiot" wondering why this hasn't been noticed.... Hmmmmmmmmmmm

    No wonder it is so easy to select a jury of their peers or elect them to office!

    How many times a day do you say "Duh!"?

  • Kal Row
    Kal Row Member Posts: 1,520
    duh? every second word - like I’m surrounded

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