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I think multi aqua is Mitsubishi is it not. Many options for you, look at Trane, which has small 15 - 25 ton chillers or Carrier which has them also. From what you say about the job, this looks like a good fit for a chiller.


  • Cosmo_3
    Cosmo_3 Member Posts: 845
    MultiAqua chiller system

    Welcome to our little community professor!

    I have an application/brand evaluation question for you.

    Job is 16,000 sqft house (more like mansion). my wrightsoft program is calling for 25 tons total cooling (Manual J-8), builder wants to heat with boiler and hot water coils in the a/c units, along with radiant heat here and there. I was told about a new (to me anyway) company called "Multiaqua", they manufacture residential chiller systems. My thinking is COOL, because now I can use the hydronic piping to the fan coils for both heating and cooling and saved a bunch of time, material, and money not having to run refrigerant lines to each evaporator coil. Have you heard of this company, and how would this system compare w/ my "American Standard" 14 SEER systems. I am not up to date w/ chiller performance ratings.

    Multiaqua has a website as follows- www.multiaqua.com

    Please let me know what you think, thanks professor (gee I feel like I am in college again...)

    Cosmo Valavanis

    Dependable P.H.C. Inc.
  • Cosmo_3
    Cosmo_3 Member Posts: 845

    Cosmo Valavanis

    Dependable P.H.C. Inc.
  • Eugene Silberstein
    Eugene Silberstein Member Posts: 1,380


    Although I have no prior knowledge of Multiaqua, as Tim mentioned, this sounds like the perfect application for a chilled water system. There are a number of benefits in using chilled water as opposed to DX coils. Here are a few:

    Since this house is not in the low-rent district, I think it is safe to assume that the occupants of the structure would all like to be comfortable. Using mulitple split systems is definitely an option, but the maintenance of the home will be more complicated.

    Using a chilled water system allows for constant water flow through the entire system while using thermostatically controlled blowers. When the room calls for cooling, the blower comes on to circulate air over the coil. Maintenance is a breeze, especially since there is only the blower (fan) and the chilled water coil. These fan-coil units are a snap to troubleshoot and repair.

    Another alternative is to use zone valves in the event that the occupants want to circulate air, without the cooling effect.

    Of course, the down side of using a chilled water system is that, if the compressor goes down, the whole hoise has no air conditioning. Of course, given the size of the project, selling a backup compressor should not be a problem. The cool part about this (no pun intended) is to have the back-up compressor piped into the system and have refrigerant grade ball valves isolating the compressor from the system. Wiring is a breeze, since you would have both compressors wired to a changeover switch. Open two valves, close two valves, flip a switch... back on line!

    Keep me posted with what happens on the job.
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