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Manifold placement

Ron Schroeder
Ron Schroeder Member Posts: 998
I have done that more than locating them in the same place. Works fine.



  • Bob Eh?_2
    Bob Eh?_2 Member Posts: 42
    Is there any reason....

    that supply and return manifolds are colocated? I have been working on a tubing layout and have discovered that I can reduce my leaders by over 50% by putting the manifolds in different locations as well as having the loops start along exterior walls and end in interior areas with a much cleaner layout.

    It seemed too obvious but I have never seen this done and thought I should ask before I shoot myself in the foot!

  • hr
    hr Member Posts: 6,106
    It may drive a troubleshooter nuts

    someday :)

    I have worked on old iron pipe systems done this way, one manifold near the boiler, the other sides scattered throughout the slab in boxes hidden under carpet.

    Leave some piping drawings for the future hydronicians.

    hot rod

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  • Bob Eh?_2
    Bob Eh?_2 Member Posts: 42

    My day job is networking and believe me I hear you! You think guys can mess up piping eh? You think water is picky?Give them a pile of wire and fibre and see how bad it can be hacked up.... Just no pride in workmanship at all...

    I will have a complete system manual and a floor plan drawing on the wall for that purpose. They won't be hidden in obscure trapdoors but will actually be in the joist area directly under the floor they serve (Above push up tile.... with a good foot of air above the tile for easy removal). I will label (legibly even) them!

    Beside the points mentioned in my first post I failed to say there aren't a lot of walls or other permanent features on that level to stash them in (I tried to sell the wife on the artistic potential to no avail.... She did sort of like your radiant bed though ;-) ).... and that's why the leaders were getting out of hand!

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