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type of system

Yeah, I guess I'll let it go for now.


  • Mary_3
    Mary_3 Member Posts: 3
    what thermostat to install

    We recently moved and our new home has hot air heating and central air, both on the same thermostats (2). I have always lived in houses with radiators and no a/c so I am clueless. I wanted to install a programmable thermostat and got what I thought would work(Honeywell CT3200A), but discovered half way into it that I was wrong. The installation manual says I have either "a single-stage or zoning system" and should select alternate model. The thermostat that I was replacing is a EWC with these numbers stamped in view under the cover: CM260 .2 amps. and 9440. There are several other numbers on a sticker on the back plate visible only after it has been removed from the wall. I will get these if you need them.
  • superMARKet
    superMARKet Member Posts: 87

    What connections do you have on your old thermostat?
  • Mary_3
    Mary_3 Member Posts: 3

    I have B O G W Y and Rh there is an Rc that is not connected at the screw but has a red wire entering next to it that also enters near the Rh screw, and these may connect at the back but I can't get to the back. There is an A that has no wire and I think that is it. All wires are connected. I think I have determined that I have a zone system, Honeywell told me to call a heating contractor, but my current oil company rep scoffed when I mentioned I was interested in programmable thermostats. I don't know if that was just the rep.
  • Darin(in Michigan)
    Darin(in Michigan) Member Posts: 90

    Your best bet is to get someone in there who knows what they are doing to prevent damage to other components in your system. Why are you messing with a heating system in JANUARY!!! with no knowledge of how it works. Put the stat on the table and back away slowly. Wait until May to mess with the stat.
  • carol_3
    carol_3 Member Posts: 397

    EWC is a zoning company. I just googled ewc zoning, and noticed that the second entry lets you ask questions to EWC. You might try that. Those terminals that you listed also suggest this is no ordinary system.

    I agree with the posting that says don't mess with it yourself in January. My son the engineer did that recently, and spent the night without heat. Even Mom couldn't help him on that one.

    Bah humbug on that oil company that didnt' believe!
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