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Loud outlet pipe

What kind of "heater" do you have?


  • Sean Morrison
    Sean Morrison Member Posts: 2
    central heating

    Just turned on my new heater for the first time. Figured I'd air out the "new heater" smell while I could open the windows!

    What I discovered is that it's a lot LOUDER than the previous one. We're located very close to the building next door and I prefer to be a good neighbor.

    Is there anything I can do to muffle the sound from the outlet pipe a bit? Add more pipe so it's not pointing directly at their house? Put on some kind of baffle?

    Any thoughts appreciated.
  • Sean Morrison
    Sean Morrison Member Posts: 2

    Lennox G51MP "Elite" gas heater.

    Vents our through about 10 feet of PVC pipe. Thanks for responding.
  • ralphtheplumber_2
    ralphtheplumber_2 Member Posts: 7

    Ask your installer to add an elbow pointing down or a tee fitting to the end.

    As simple as that seems, this is not a d-i-y project. Gas furnaces are very sensetive about the length of vent pipe, size, slope, and number of fittings. You can easily void your warranty if you mess with it yourself.
  • heatboy
    heatboy Member Posts: 1,468
    Welcome to the world of.......

    "Pulse" technology. Not much (nothing) can be done to make it quiet. Bose noise cancelling headphones might help.

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