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Beckett Heat Manager

Was this usage comparison based on the same number of degree days? How about the use of hot water(any additional usage)?


  • Ragu
    Ragu Member Posts: 138

    Just got a sheet on these, and was wondering if anybody has tried them.
  • Jeff_12
    Jeff_12 Member Posts: 9
    Beckett Heat Manager

    I installed one at my house to see if they worked. I figured if I saved 10% it would pay for itself in one year. I also didn't want to sell something to my customers if it didn't work. I have a burnham v-7 series boiler with a beckett afg burner with updated control and pump. I burned exactly the same amount of oil as I did without the heat manager. I forgot to mention I have a tankless coil also. For the record, I used 1750 gallon of fuel oil. With the H/M and 1765 without the H/M.
  • ryan
    ryan Member Posts: 23
    heat manager

    I was really excited about this product when it came out. I have always prefered beckett burners over all others. But...
    We sold 4 and ended up removing 3 and replacing the other. I will give beckett credit for admiting they had a problem with the first models. The last customer that kept his did not see a reduction in fuel either. We had a harder winter last year so I just accepted that as the cause.
  • Ron Schroeder
    Ron Schroeder Member Posts: 998

    A lot will depend on how oversized your heating system is. If you are getting short cycling with your existing system, it will help some.

  • hydronicsmike
    hydronicsmike Member Posts: 855
    I agree Ron

    The Heat Manager is a great product as it increases boiler cycle lenghts by adjusting the operating differential based on the load.

    Perfect system for setpoint operation. In other words, great product for tankless coils and anything else that wouldn't benefit from a reset water temp. It minimizes boiler short cycling and increases a boilers efficiency because of it.

    Outdoor Reset is still the way to go (and always will be) when you don't have a tankless coil or need to maintain a setpoint water temperature all the time. Lowering the boiler water temperature based on Outdoor Reset furthermore increases the boilers and overall system efficiency. The Heat Manager can not do this.

    I don't want to use this opportunity to advertise a tekmar product here, but want to make sure that it is common knowledge that any tekmar boiler control has an automatically adjustable differential AND does Outdoor Reset.

    In the end, whether it is a tekmar or anybody elses product, it can never eliminate the negative effects of oversized equipment, but it can make it better. And, "if better is possible, good is not enough" a great mentor once told me.

    Have fun guys.

  • Ron Schroeder
    Ron Schroeder Member Posts: 998

    Hi Mike,

    The thing about the Heat Manager is that it really isn't very responsive to the house's heat load at all. I think it is rather overpriced for what it does. After a lot of testing, I took mine out and replaced it with a Tekmar 150 with the differential set for 45 degrees.

  • hydronicsmike
    hydronicsmike Member Posts: 855

    ...a fixed differential then.

    Have you thought about using a 256 that can adjust its differential based on load? We can use magic to make it think it is a setpoint control if thats what you wish to operate on. Generally, the differential would be desired to be as small as possible while not short cycling the equipment.

    What do you think?


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