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short cycling compressor

I've got a situation where my compressor/system wants to restart within less than a few minutes of shutting off. This happens when the house has cooled down and outside ambient temps are around 70. I know that the compressor doesn't like this and I'd like to keep it happy. The system is a 12 or so year old Carrier with a Honeywell round digital t-stat. Looking at the Grainger catalog my choices are either delay on make or break. I suspect the delay on break would be my first choice but I don't know if I've got the 40ma hold-in current that the delay on break needs to make this work. Any input is greatly appreciated.

Larry (from OSHA)


  • blackoakbob
    blackoakbob Member Posts: 248

    use a dealy on make (Grainger 4E233) that's the preferred way for most rebate applications. Set it at 10 minutes minimum and that should take care of the short cycling. Another component to add would be a hard start kit(Grainger # 4E240). It's simple to install and really helpfull when the power droops during our hot August days.
    Best Regards, Larry.
  • Empire_2
    Empire_2 Member Posts: 2,343
    Either control

    Either control would work in this situation. 5 Min is usually enough time to allow the pressures to equalize. Also, hard start kits are nice especially as described above by Blackoakbob. You could also install a setback T-Stat which would accomplish the delay you are looking for and ad more control for your customer.
    Thanks Mike T.
  • Marty
    Marty Member Posts: 109

    I agree with just changing the thermostat to something that has a delay in it already thats the simplest way. If not a delay on break is my choice that way the indoor blower isn't running all by its lonesome for 5 minutes at the start of every cooling cycle.
  • Larry (from OSHA)
    Larry (from OSHA) Member Posts: 690

    to all who answered my question. Yes a new t-stat might be easier, but the digital round is brand new. I think the delay on break is the winner.

    Larry (from OSHA)
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