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wiring pumps

Michal Member Posts: 213
should not be on any other circuit other then the boiler circuit. Why are they operating continuously? this troubles me, first thing comes to mind, is if your system is large enough. But to stay on track, you should not be running anything else on that circuit. What are the circs for?


  • John_54
    John_54 Member Posts: 17
    Circulating pumps burning out

    I've had problems with my 2 1/6th HP circulating pump motors burning out. They operate continuously for about 6 months. It has been suggested that the power supply could be the problem. I have both pumps on the same circuit and I have been using it for other add hoc stuff as well such as my circular saw. Could this be a problem. Should the circuit be dedicated for the pumps? Should they each have their own circuit in case one burns out and effects the power to the other?
  • hr
    hr Member Posts: 6,106
    I guess you mean two 1/6 hp circs?

    Be sure they cannot be deadheaded in any way by closed valves. Pumps hate that! It usually sets them up for an early death. High head pumps can be cavitated fairly easily and need correct operating pressures to keep them healthy.

    What does the incoming voltage read at the pump connection? Where on their curve are they running? Are they sized correctly for the load? Static pressure?

    hot rod

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  • Ken_8
    Ken_8 Member Posts: 1,640

    Constant circ. is OK.

    It is an excellent design strategy and demonstrated on many apps. to be superior to any other. Many larger systems have an outdoor "trigger" set at 60°F or so. Once cooler weather comes, the pumps stay on continuosly all fall, winter and spring.

    Leaving a pump on all the time is LESS wearing than starting and stopping frequently.

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  • Mike20
    Mike20 Member Posts: 37
    Oil The pumps

    It has been my experience that a well oiled pump lasts the longest with the least amount of hastle. 4 drops on each side of the motor and 10-15 drops in the bearing assembly 2X a year will do the trick. As long as the electrical use is intermittant on the Circular saw this should not cause an issue. If you want to be extra safe turn off the boiler when using the electrical for other stuff

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